february 2014


February taught me a few things...

1) Jury duty is for real...and can be incredibly depressing

2) A movie about LEGO can be "awesome!"

3) I need to get out and engage with the local yoga community MORE. It's great I'm able to practice consistently on my own, but getting out and practicing with other teachers this month has been so fun!

4) It's possible to wish for 30 degree weather...as in, that's really warm.

5) A Bose bluetooth speaker makes life better...and makes kitchen dancing even easier! Thanks to Andrew's surprise Valentine's present!

6) Tripod headstand is possible...and maybe even Crow pose to tripod then back to Crow! EEEEK! http://distilleryimage0.s3.amazonaws.com/6c23fda69a9211e38be512bcfd5e32a4_101.mp4

I have also decided to go forward and earn my 500 hr certification for yoga instruction (pretty much like getting a master's degree in the yoga world). So excited to be officially accepted into Asheville Yoga Center's 500 hr completion program...more on this later.

7) It's possible to find nonstop flights to NYC for a decent price on a random Thursday afternoon.

8) Being spontaneous is good...like buying tickets to see Aziz Ansari in April! Woohoo! Can't wait.

9) Matthew McConaughey knows what he's doing...you're watching True Detective right?!

10) Same sex marriage now recognized in Kentucky....AMAZING...Saw this infographic yesterday and just felt happy inside: Here's the rest of my month in photos:

IMG_20140223_083351 IMG_20140223_150657 IMG_20140225_204459 IMG_20140227_140421 IMG_20140227_171136 IMG_20140222_075639 IMG_20140222_125555 IMG_20140222_142702 IMG_20140222_144403 IMG_20140221_121753 IMG_20140218_152319 IMG_20140219_135508 IMG_20140215_134525 IMG_20140215_175705 IMG_20140216_101533 IMG_20140217_174002 IMG_20140214_104940 IMG_20140214_131314 IMG_20140214_155055 IMG_20140206_220925 IMG_20140208_124851 IMG_20140208_165251 IMG_20140208_174029 IMG_20140209_090508 IMG_20140209_121927 IMG_20140209_132004 IMG_20140209_145959 IMG_20140209_165514 IMG_20140210_145613 IMG_20140210_164257 IMG_20140211_145359 IMG_20140213_080853 IMG_20140213_153943 IMG_20140202_160649 IMG_20140202_181845 IMG_20140204_134233 IMG_20140204_140936 IMG_20140205_124401 IMG_20140205_124501 IMG_20140205_153912 IMG_20140206_115723 IMG_20140206_120232 IMG_20140207_145951 IMG_20140201_142635