just checking in

20140305-201809.jpg Yeah. So I'm writing this from my Wordpress app on iPad. Just took this photo with said iPad. Wearing my favorite old baggy sweater with baggy old leggings. Watching Survivor, drinking Charles Shaw, and listening to Andrew talk about Hot Wheels at some museum...this is real life.

Feeling a little stumped on blogging lately...things seem to be moving a little fast and I'm having a tough time finding things worthy enough to blog. Any ideas? Anyone still there? What's making your days fun lately?

I feel like there is a considerable drought of new music lately...However, I am enjoying GIRLS and True Detective on HBO...and I'm getting insanely excited about a number of trips and fun things planned for spring. I think everyone around me (including me) is in a holding pattern until the weather stops being a brat. I'm just waiting and hopefully my little blog hasn't been too boring! Ha!

More later...cheers y'all!