friday. yay..oops yay saturday

Thank god. seriously.

I was totally charmed by this photograph that popped up at the top of my pinterest feed this afternoon. Pinned from National Geographic's tumblr, Found, it was taken in Amana, Iowa in 1938. These gals are holding up bunches of American Lotus. Amazing!

That of course sent me down a rabbit hole...looking through the rest of the tumblr. So good...On the top page today? A photo of Bergen, Norway from 1971 Happy to have a weekend of nothing planned ahead. Next week is busy (book fair...bah), so I'll savor it. After work I popped in our local wine shop and purchased two bottles of....wait for that is NOT Charles Shaw! This is big. It means I'm in serious "treat yo self" mode.

Speaking of rabbit holes, last night I descended down one that got me thinking. After reading this hilarious piece from Vanity Fair on Gwyneth's high school days (thanks Double X gabfest for sharing), I was intrigued to do some Googling on this all-girls private school on the Upper East Side of New York. I come to find that their kindergarten tuition is $41,000+ a year. Yes, that's right. This might sound harsh or might ruffle feathers of those reading (I doubt it), but I just flat out DO NOT understand this. If I were ever in the position to be able to afford such ridiculousness, how would I ever be able to admit it to anyone OR not feel like the worst person in the entire world? Needless to say, this made me throw my hands up at the world, grab another handful of oatmeal chocolate chip cookies from TJ's and go to bed.

Anyways, that was a tangent....if can't tell by the title of this post, I forgot to publish last night and am finishing up now, on Saturday morning. Off to make a playlist for this morning's class. Cheers!