it's been one of those weeks

IMGP0756 It's been one of those weeks.

That's my phone...the screen has been shattered for awhile and its been working great. I dropped again last night and I knew it was was one of those drops. Screen completely stopped working and now I have a $19 smartphone. I had no idea you could begin to even think of getting a smartphone for less than twenty dollars, but it's possible somehow. And here's the's works great!

Except for that all important's pretty bad...oh well, can't complain...super small potatoes in the big scheme of things.

This week has been stressful for various other reasons. Am excited to say that I'm jumping in the car right now for Asheville. Things started looking up as soon as I realized I had a brand new Ingrid Michaelson album to listen to on the way down....this song is my jam right now.


A weekend of yoga TT awaits and I couldn't be happier. Dinner out with Lis and maybe a lounge in the Botanical Gardens sounds pretty good too.

Have a great weekend, graysig