Happy Oaks Day Friday and 16/52: Vrksasana

oaks I really like this Someecard. It's Oaks day here in Kentuckiana. Unfortunately, school's still in for us on the Indiana side, so I'm headed to work. However, I've got a couple jars of mint simple syrup prepped in my fridge for when I get home. Woop!

Also, we're talking about tree pose today. Yay!


I love that when I Google Vrksasana, or Tree pose, one of the first things to come up is a random photo of Prince Charles attempting said pose. And Ted Danson apparently 3ac7406cb1cccda7e2e003c50c8ec00f

But seriously, Tree pose is great and probably the most iconic posture of yoga. Whatever you do, don't copy what Mr. Danson is doing in the photo above. You never want to put your foot on your knee...either at the thigh or calf, but not the knee...it's a hinge, it doesn't move sideways people.

If you're looking to improve balance, start here. And this is a wonderfully thorough video on Tree...Thanks to Kayla for letting me know about Adrienne Mishler...she's awesome--great youtube channel if you're looking for a free yoga resource online.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yVE4XXFFO70&w=640&h=390]