decent photos and those from a $19 smartphone

Photo May 10, 4 01 47 PMPhoto May 10, 5 47 45 PMPhoto May 10, 5 46 56 PM (HDR) Photo May 10, 5 46 21 PM (HDR)IMGP0956

That thing when you get a really good, random picture of your dad and your husband.

That thing where you race remote control cars around and drink wine.

It was a fun weekend again. Had fun with Kaylex and Baby Graham. Forgot to get the Pentax out while Baby was around, but managed to get a couple decent shots on my $19 Kyocera phone...I'm finding that in the right light, that camera might be ok! Oh and of course, watching my brother blow bubbles for some random reason. Perfect.

2014-05-11 09.58.52 2014-05-10 19.15.13

I'm running hot and cold on this haircut...mostly loving it, but the humidity today makes me a little crazy...will be eager to see what happens when I finally take the plunge and decide to ditch shampoo this summer...sorry, I've read too many good things. I'm totally doing it.

2014-05-11 10.06.47

Only a few weeks of work left, then it's on...a summer filled with teaching yoga, doing yoga, reading, and having good times.

Look for a summer goals post soon.

Hope your Mother's Day was great!