morning yoga classes this summer at the studio

Photo May 23, 5 53 18 AM Decided to do some cartwheels in the backyard the other night...just working towards that handstand goal any which way I can!

Three day weekend---looking forward to it. Only seven days of school left, then a couple days of working in the library, then seven weeks off. Ahhhh perfection.

During those seven weeks, there will be three additional classes going on at the studio: Tue + Thur mornings at 9:00am and Friday mornings at....wait for it....5:00am!

I have an awesome group of people that have been requesting a super early morning class for awhile and summer is perfect for me....because I don't have to drive anywhere to get there and I don't have to be anywhere afterwards! Ha!

I really love teaching in our little space and although I've already said it a bunch of times, I'm so thankful for the students!

For a full class schedule with descriptions, click here.