may 2014

2014-05-04_1399237560 WHERE DID YOU GO MAY!?!?!

In May...

1. I stopped using shampoo. YEP... For a little while...I made it three weeks and just washed my hair a couple of hours ago...It didn't look horrible and I can see why people do this, but I just couldn't deal with it...pros don't outweigh the cons as of yet on this whole deal.

2. I unfortunately can't stop listening to this song...such a guilty pleasure

3. Advanced backbends are in fact, like many teachers have said over the years, actually accessible if one does them...a lot.

4. There are no movies to see in all.

5. Take #4 into consideration along with the fact that Mad Men, Survivor, Nashville, Silicon Valley, and any other decent show have ended for the year...then you'll understand why I've rewatched more than half of season two of Dawson's Creek....doesn't justify it? Ok, you're right. I suck.

6. Julia winning a million times/dollars on Jeopardy...get it girl!

7. Book of Mormon at Kentucky Center. Brilliant and wonderful

8. There is such a thing as Trader Joe's and Whole Foods coming together into one super amazing grocery store and we now have one in Louisville: Lucky's Market.

9.Maya Angelou... RIP...

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