Poses 21/52: Pincha Mayurasana

Brandy Arena, Bea Love Yoga  

Oh boy.

This pose is super duper fancy, looks amazing, and is SO HARD. Can I do the full version? Not yet, but I'm getting there. I had a true breakthrough with it this past weekend. For as long as I've been doing yoga, I've been taught to attempt the pose this way:

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-lVWiYi6otc&w=640&h=390]

For some reason, the way my pelvis is positioned on my body (and the fact that I've got my inversion fear) it is a lot for me to "kick up" into anything.

So, I decided to play and came up with this: [embed]http://scontent-b.cdninstagram.com/hphotos-xpa1/t50.2886-16/10437992_685761994830039_667999638_n.mp4[/embed]

Still am not able to come up with parallel forearms, but hey, BABY STEPS!

After doing some research, I found that Christina Sell already teaches it this way...of course, because she is the best! Skip to 4:52 to see detailed instruction.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TJGO5sqNNQ8&w=640&h=390]

 Photo courtesy of Steven Noreyko