summer goals


Today's my first day of summer vacation from day job. I thought I'd share some of my summer goals with you. I'm so ready for summer--it's a lot of fun around these parts. Mom is off too and we're planning to live it up!

1. Clean up twitter, instagram, wordpress feeds. I need to get my followings IN CHECK. I need to be more organized, utilize lists and get it together.

2. Yoga like it's my job...oh wait, it is!

3. Make Bloody Marys every Sunday...Andrew's got a jug of vodka in the cabinet, infusing it with garlic and jalapeno. Look out!

4. Binge watch a new series...last summer it was Friday Night Lights, any suggestions for this summer? And OITNB doesn't count, that's a given y'all...and holy crap, it drops TODAY



5. Weekly pool dates with Mom. We have an amazing public pool not far from us that's in the middle of a state park. So lucky.

6.  Read. Duh

7. Make The Pioneer Woman's iced coffee...SIL Kayla tried it and said it's amazing. It's Pioneer Woman and she's perfect.

And for right now, that is all. Let's do it!