So...we bought this.

OH MY GOD! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So if you've been reading this blog for a little bit, you might remember when we bought land in October. We did that because we found the perfect location and there were no houses we wanted to buy in Corydon. Also, the big plan is to one day build a bigger yoga studio too. Well, that all changed the second we realized that the house above was a possibility. The house is directly across the street from our house, literally across the street. See here an instagram snap, taken from my front porch in May 2013: 2013-05-31_1369999077

For the past three years, Andrew and I have stared out our living room windows, admiring this house. And now, on July 8th, it will be OURS.


As for the issue of where to put the studio? That problem is also solved because the house came with an empty lot across the street, perfect for a yoga studio. Of course that's years down the road, but it's so fun to think about. IMGP1039

Unbelievable. It's so crazy how things work out. We still can't believe it's real. I can't wait to share more photos of the moving process. While it's not very big, this house is still almost twice the size of our house's going to be so fun to furnish and decorate. It seems like just yesterday that Andrew and I were first married, sharing a 322 sq ft. apartment in Norway, where we knew no one and couldn't speak the language.

Good times.