Moving on...for the last time

IMGP0858 As I write this post, sitting in the office/yoga room, I can see a large trailer across the street being loaded with furniture as the owner moves out of our new house. We closed on Wednesday, so it's officially ours--we actually have a key!

This will definitely be the easiest, yet weirdest move. Since age eighteen, I've moved 14 times (I know...omg), so I have it pretty much down. The last time I moved was just a month after I started this I dare link to that early of a post?!?! Well, I just did so there. Usually I'm completely packed and ready to go weeks in advance. We're not really sure when we'll be able to get into the house and it's just across the street so....there's really no need to pack anything. We're just going to make a Bloody Mary bar and start making trips. It's so strange because, unless something unforeseen happens, this will be our last move...ever maybe?

I decided to go back through my photo collection and share a bunch of our little rental house. I LOVE this house. My parents own it and were fantastic landlords. It was in pretty bad shape when they bought it several years ago and Dad completely renovated it, changed the floorplan a bit, and did all the interiors. It has been wonderful. I will it miss it...especially the massive kitchen island.

My main thought on it now? Just hoping that Alex and Kayla might one day find their way to neighbors ever!

2014-05-26 10.51.40IMGP0985IMGP09782014-05-26 10.55.212014-05-04 14.58.372014-05-04 15.06.042014-03-28 16.29.13

2014-02-03 13.18.26 2014-02-03 13.19.032014-02-03 13.19.292014-02-03 13.20.23IMGP03992014-01-12 15.42.02IMGP00532014-01-07 09.53.522014-01-07 14.15.112014-01-07 14.16.462014-01-07 14.21.36IMGP01342014-01-07 14.23.35IMGP0144IMGP01502014-01-06 17.48.232013-11-23 14.41.40photo-apr-01-8-54-28-pmphoto-apr-01-8-54-57-pmphoto-apr-01-9-06-30-pmphoto-mar-04-8-25-21-pm2013-08-19-16-45-56imgp9003IMGP09872014-05-10 15.52.06 Can't wait to share photos of the new place, it's a little crazy!