monday morning

s_n20_ourplate I found this picture somewhere last week and saved it...loved it. I then opened back up this morning and couldn't remember where it came from, which led me down a Google rabbit hole. Fifteen to twenty minutes later I've read some about The Safari Collection and guffawed at the website. Everything's beautiful...would love to more about the history and inner workings of this place though... Interesting...

GiraffeManor1 giraffe-manor1

Gloomy day ahead. We're in for some beautiful weather the rest of week so I'm planning on staying in. We found out yesterday that we don't get to move into the new house for another two weeks, when I'll be back to work! Argh. Oh well, I plan to spend today cleaning out cabinets and getting things are ready. Maybe a massive cooking session to stock up the freezer.

Happy Monday.