New House Wish List: Lighting

IMGP1030 Let me be clear...this house doesn't need anything.

It is absolutely beautiful and all the finishes are very nice. However, there are just a few things that I can't wait to change and because it's twice the size of our house now, furniture will definitely be needed.

First thing that I want to think about is lighting. There is awesome recessed lighting throughout the house, which is great. But there are a few light fixtures that I want to change. Here's what I have my eye on now for four different spots: a hallway, over the dining table, above the stairs, and above the tub

1. 5 Jar Chandelier from West Elm img86c

2. ALÄNG ceiling lamp, IKEA


3. Irving Burlap Lamp shades from World Market


4. Edison bulbs from Restoration Hardware


5. Panorama Chandelier from West Elm I'm the only one who approves of this one...both Andrew and my Mom think it's "trying too hard." ?!!? I love it...but I also kinda know what they mean. It's a little too....something. But I had to share it.


For economic reasons I'm leaning toward the World Market shades for the hanging fixtures and IKEA one for ceiling mounted ones. But I'm not opposed to single hanging Edison bulbs...we shall see!