life is better with...kmsalvagedesign's on instagram

10543018_1445419785719832_2117853666_n I love this Instagram account. Not sure how I found it, but I'm so glad I did. Kristen Meyer, instagram: @kmsalvagedesigns 

She brightens up my feed like no other! Follow, it's fun.

Sorry for absence on here... Got back from Asheville late last night, headed back for my first teacher day today. I'm ready to get back--I like the structure. I did skip my 5:30am yoga practice this morning...will get back on that wagon tomorrow.

Have a great week! 925048_652733314820000_138019326_n 1599432_269009063287274_432912850_n 1941264_1442663355995570_1044867909_n 10296981_1497666600452661_132921573_n

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