July 2014

2014-07-01_1404240216 1. BBC's Human Planet...so amazing.

2. Enjoyed the novels Euphoria by Lily King and The Fever by Megan Abbott. As Anne Bogel says, they're "un-put downable."

3. Celebrate the studio's two year anniversary. I have to pinch myself, cannot believe we're still going strong and growing. So grateful to all my students!

4.We closed on a house. Whoa.

5. We had to wait the rest of the month to move in to said house...still waiting until this weekend!

6. I got to do yoga and drink beer in the name of charity! Woohoo! Thank you 502 Power.

7. This song...over and over and over and over and over...


8. I got to wear a sweater...outside!

9. It's not every day that your house gets featured on Apartment Therapy. Too bad we're moving! Ha! Way to go Dad!

10. I love my day job. Had a wonderful first few days back this week. I feel really grateful.

Is it just me or did July seem LONG? The summer flew by, but it seems like this month has been going on awhile...probably because we've been waiting to move for 2+weeks...

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