getting there

2014-08-08 15.13.25 We're getting there.

Things are slowly getting moved in and put away. But oh man, this week tested me. I'm thinking we're coming through it. The calm after the storm is upon us I believe. Not only did we move into the new house this week, but it was also the first full week back at work. Yep.

So coming home from work on Friday, my alternator goes out. Will be in the shop until Tuesday & estimate cost ca. $500. Brilliant! Also, we have been packed at the studio. New and "old" faces. That is not a problem, it is totally awesome, but ahhhhhh.

Just got home from book club, which was just what I needed. The washer & dryer is hooked up, things are getting put away, and I have zero on the schedule tomorrow. I can breathe.

Have taken just a few photos of the they are

2014-08-08 15.09.23 2014-08-08 15.12.37 2014-08-08 15.12.52 2014-08-08 15.13.13 2014-08-08 15.13.49