September 2014

10665491_717505314996900_1696299217_n This month brought on beach vacations, crazy fever viruses, vanilla chai scones, American Horror Story: Coven binge sessions, and more. It was whirlwind!

1. Any and all Charles Shaw varietals taste 100x better on the beach

2. You can lose all faith or respect for one of your local news stations in one day. My coworkers know what I'm talking about on this one.

3. What you think is allergies can quickly turn into having a 101 degree for FOUR DAYS STRAIGHT. Blargh.

4. Ian McEwan is flawless. Read this book in two sittings. It's wonderful.

5. Burned through American Horror Story: Coven. Uhhhhhhh whoa. I really liked it...but, man. Not sure if I'm ready for the next's subject matter is making me uneasy already.

6. After AHS, we needed something light so started Veep on HBO. So funny right from the jump! So glad because I've heard it just gets better as it goes and there are three seasons. Woohoo!

7. After a trip to Bloomington, I've realized that I am completely out of touch with "what the kids are wearing these days." The amount of high-waisted shorts and crop tops had me reeling.

8. Taking a couple weeks off of my yoga practice proved to be kind of amazing. Feeling stronger already. I've got to remember that sometimes rest is best.

9. I've given my Pinterest account a bit of a makeover. I'm going to try to use it a bit differently and a bit more, using it as an extensive of this blog. I come across so many amazing things & don't always have the time to blog them all. I'll be pinning them from now on! Follow along here.

10. I finally broke down and got rid of the $19 smartphone. I'm now using something decent so my photos will be a little bit better...phew, now all those dog, yoga, and food pics will be in focus! Ha.

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Alright now, let's do this. #pumpkin