October blogging...every day to celebrate

2011-10-09_1318126478 This month marks my THIRD anniversary of blogging! This photo was taken in October 2011 during a visit with Tater, the month I started this here blog.

How that is possible, I’m not quite sure. What I do know is that every year I blog, I enjoy it more and learn more about what works and what does not. Each year I change it up a little bit and I’m excited about how it will evolve.


To celebrate this blog’s third birthday, I’m going to attempt Gracie Gordon's October Blogging Challenge. Parameters above.

I'm not going to lie, it comes in pretty handy that my fall break is this month. I'll have time to do this thing! I discovered this challenge after reading Katie's lightning round September challenge post. Loved it. Love her really. I can't promise that I won't cheat on some like she did.

First up is goals for October. Ahhhhh easy! You all know how I love to make to do lists! I do that daily!

1. Get caught up on reading so that I'm on track to meet my goal (see!?!?! It's constant!) of 52 books read this year. I'm at 34 right now.

2. Put a pumpkin on my front porch.

3. Get out the paints. 

4. Hang up remaining art/photos in the house--start brainstorming about empty spaces.

5. Get to at least one class at 502 Power...I need to practice with others!