7 things I've learned this year

IMGP1597Today I'm sharing seven things I've learned in 2014. Now that we're over three quarters the way through, it's the time to start reflecting on the year that was. It was a great year. So many good things.

And, I turn 30 next month...sooooo....WHOA.

1. I think I might be more of a summer person?!

I never in my life thought I'd wish for hot over cold, but this winter was brutal. Unfortunately, everyone around here is saying we're in for it again...only this time we'll be living in a solid brick home built in 1890. Eden Pure heater, you might be my new best friend.

2. I will earn my 500hr level certification much quicker than I thought!

In February I decided to enroll in the Asheville Yoga Center's 300hr - 500 hr cert program. As of now, I've already completed four of the eleven modules. Looking ahead to the 2015 calendar to see which ones I'm headed to next!

3. My travel game is more than a little rusty.

After a trip to NYC and Boston in April, I was exhausted...uhhh what?! We stayed with friends or in decent hotels, flew there, took the train at a decent hour, etc. We've traveled in MUCH WORSE conditions. And I was exhausted. Just the thought of trekking like we use to makes me want to die. I cannot decide how I feel about this.

3. If you're patient and happy with what you've got, the perfect house falls right into your lap and it all works out and is perfect. Really

4. Life without cable of any kind works real well....until Netflix adds both House Hunters and Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives to their collection at the same time.

Shows we've enjoyed without cable this year include: Parks & Recreation, Veep, AHS: Coven, Project Runway, Survivor, Silicon Valley, GIRLS, Game of Thrones, Orange is the New Black, Mad Men, Top Chef, Human Planet, Call the Midwife. Yeah....so that's not deprivation...the tv cup runneth over I'd say.

5. Facebook is really not needed. At all.

exactly why I don't have one anymore!

I've been FB-free since April. The only time it crosses my mind is when something happens in the world (local or otherwise) and my first thought is "thank god I deleted Facebook."

6. Short hair. Short hair. Short hair. Short hair.

I'll never go back.


7. My dogs. Just because they're the best things ever.