10 things most people do not know...

wigg-out Ok. 10 things that "most people" do not know. Hmmmmm....

I think that defining "most people" is key here. Because a variety of people read this blog, I'm going to narrow this down by calling it "10 Things About Me yet to be shared on this blog." Make sense?

1. I work at an elementary school but I never went to elementary school.


I was home-schooled until the eighth grade. Trust me, you were basically a freak if you didn't go to school in the 80s/90s. Especially if you were home-schooled for none religious reasons like we were. The hipster culture of "un-schooling" was slight at best, my parents were ahead of the game! It was the best thing ever. I know it might sound nuts since I now work at a public school, but I have no doubt that I'll do the same with my kids one day (if we're able to financially, logistically, yadda, yadda, yadda).

2. I played the piano for 12+ years

mompiano No that's not me....haha. This is a photo of my mom as a teenager. Mom has been teaching piano for 40+ years, so naturally we played our entire childhood. I'm pretty sure we learned to read music before books.


3. I have never eaten a hamburger from a fast food restaurant or tried any illegal substance of any kind.


They're basically the same thing right?! Just kidding. Don't get me wrong, I ate mountains of chicken nuggets and chicken sandwiches as a kid, I just never wanted the hamburger. Then as I got older, I just kept not ordering one because I had to keep it going and not break my streak. As for right now, I love a good burger, but still can't order one from a fast food restaurant because of this.

On the other thing, I'm not sure how I got through four years of life in Asheville, North Carolina without smoking marijuana, but I did. I have no moral objection, it just never appealed to me as something fun and.....it is illegal. However, as it gets closer to legalization (which I'm all for btw), I have no desire to ever have this experience.

 4. My family dog was one of the oldest dogs in the world.

christmas Yeah that's me in overalls. Whatever. More importantly is that we got our terrier mix, Hannah, when I was eight years old and my parents had to put her to sleep just two years ago. She wasn't a puppy when we got her, the vet guessed she was about two years old. Sooooo that means the youngest she could have been was 22. 22 YEARS OLD! A dog?!? During the last few months of her life, we found a list of the oldest dogs in the world, ranging from 29 - 20 years. So there you have it.

IMGP3632 5. Andrew and I were high school sweethearts


Awwwww. I just wish you could see my puka shell necklace and Hollister tee better. Andrew and I kind of hated each other for the first three years of high school, then started dating our senior year. This photo was taken as the final bell rang at 3:10pm on our last day of school.


6. I've never seen an episode of Friends.


7. I haven't gone a day without coffee since high school

2006-20071 (38)

Not sure what would happen if I stopped drinking it...

8. I've never been to California....or anywhere farther west than Kansas.


Andrew and I hope to take a trip to San Francisco, drive down to LA through Big Sur maybe in the next year or so. We'll see though. I know I'll get there one day!

9. I've watched every season of Survivor. Am I proud? Kind of. Am I ashamed? Kind of.


10. I can type over 85 words per minute. 


And there you have it!