favorite childhood memories

Scan0098 Yeah that's me. And one of my favorite dolls, Jessica (I'm pretty sure I named her that in rebellion. Having a weird name as a kid can be rough). Call me superficial and materialistic, but at the top of this list? DOLLS. Specifically, American Girl Dolls. Jessica was not an American Girl Doll, but she was amazing.

For three years, I received a new American Girl doll for Christmas--Samantha, Molly, then Addy. The amount of obsession revolving around these dolls and their various accessories was sick. I still love them. I make sure to be uber diligent about ordering the latest books for the library and love to gab with the girls at school about their dolls.

It's a sickness. Needless to say I about died when Project Runway had an American Girl Doll challenge this season.

Of course I have other great childhood memories. I'll be honest, I feel a little silly writing this post because I have so many things I could write about here it's insane. My childhood was pretty much perfect, in my opinion. I will never take that for granted. Some more highlights include:

  • First family trip to NYC when I was about seven years old. We got to see Miss Saigon and The Phantom of the Opera on Broadway and go backstage at the latter. (A family friend was a makeup artist). Also, FAO Schwartz. OMG.
  • Musicals in general. We were a family obsessed. Before the age of 12, I had seen The Phantom of the Opera twice, Miss Saigon, Les Miserables three times, Cats twice, The Secret Garden, My Fair Lady, & Jesus Christ Superstar among others.
  • Dance class---tights, ballet shoes, leotards, and doing a jazz routine to "I'm the King of New York" from Newsies.
  • Hawley-Cooke Booksellers. Louisville natives, you feel me on this. 5485216822_20a8b8b194_z
  • Having the Original Hipster for a dad dad
  • Eating Nerds with my grandmother in a party dress....and that tricycle/bulldozer of my brother's, which was stolen off the sidewalk. DANG. Yeah, don't mind the reflection my hands and phone. I snapped a photo of this framed photo in our hallway. Processed with VSCOcam Like I said, I could go on and on. That's what I've got for now. I wish I had more old photos on my computer, but I'm seriously too lazy to scan them.