weekend highlights

10729419_364203493744113_1295683100_nThis was weekend was fast and furious!

Loved a surprise visit from Kayla and Graham on Friday. That baby is down right ridiculously cute and cuddly.

We got up and into the car super early Saturday and drove up to Michigan for a wedding of dear friends. We met them while living in Edinburgh--he's Scottish, she's from Michigan and they're back in the States for good now! Such a fun day and evening. Kilts! Long, hilarious speeches delivered with amazing Scottish accents! And some of the best dance moves I've ever witnessed by a cousin of Leslie's I will never forget.

10729353_1498452577073405_2121196647_n10706907_1553973931504723_1974279926_n10724657_551781998288772_200744108_n925345_1510702122504598_407413646_n Unfortunately we had to get up early the next morning and drive back, but we had BJ Novak and friends to entertain us. We also listened to an hour of predicting the future which sparked lively debates and an in-depth discussion of what it will be like to get into a self-driving car for the first time. Terrifying.

Everything comes full circle when Kayla texted me the most adorable photo of Graham Cracker and Kyle dog ever. It's my favorite photo right now 10724787_534534166690247_833134810_n So now it's pouring rain...forecast looks like that's how it's going to be again for my second week off. Not sorry to say that I'm perfectly happy with that. I have not one, but two 500+ page books going that are both crazy page turners. The only hard part will be deciding which one to read when.