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LH  This GIF....always and forever

I made a bunch of this soup to freeze yesterday. Pretty delicious. I cut back on the honey though...1/3 cup!? A little insane.

I love celebrities reading mean tweets. This one in particular because Bob Balaban. Just Bob Balaban.

I can't wait to read this to kids at's going to get crazy!

 Because it never gets old.

Not that I'll ever go to the trouble to make these and we're already in fall weather, pumpkin baking, roasted vegetable mode, but dang these look good.

This Valentino Resort 2015 collection is crazy. Beautiful.

I'm in love with all the crazy wallpaper in our bathrooms and I can't help but look at Kim + Scott's guest room and think, "GIMME!"

Loving this cover, heard it at last weekend's wedding. this supposed to be a big deal?

That's all I have for today...I have to head out soon, I'm FINALLY getting my hair cut today!

**stay tuned for more about the painting featured above. It's part of a big project I've been working on for too long.