a day in the life

2014-10-01 15.24.10 Back to work today. It was a good day, but boy, it was DARK and RAINING this morning. Coffee much needed.


I'm feeling a little pressed for time this afternoon for blogging a full "day in the life" and, again, it makes me feel a little strange. Honestly, I can't say that a typical day in my life is worth a detailed description...

I get up, do yoga, shower, drink coffee + a smoothie, drive to work, read aloud and help kids choose books for several hours, get home, walk the dogs, fix dinner, teach yoga, eat dinner, watch a show, read a book, take a bath, do some yin yoga, then go to sleep. There ya go!

Today I did manage to pop over to Seeds and Greens, a new natural market and deli in New Albany. I was so happy to find my most favorite creamer there and a new line of essential oils I've never come across. I'm really intrigued by the Dragon's Breath and the Fire + Ice.

I'll be back tomorrow with a transformation themed post. Hope everyone's Monday was smooth!