my favorite things about the holidays

2013-11-24_1385306203 So this is not hard at all. I love the holidays and have some definite most favorite things about them. Let's do this.



We had a version of this every year when I was a kid without the red wine that we called "hot punch." When we lived in Norway and I discovered that people love it there too only they add copious amounts of red wine, I about had a heart attack. It's drinking potpourri. I don't make mine like most of the online recipes, but this seems to be a good one. I plan to post my recipe in November.

Harry Belafonte // To Wish You A Merry Christmas


In my family, it is NOT Christmas without this album. Everyone got their copy upon turning 18. Like, an actual CD with a booklet. It's that serious.

Caramel making...not that I actually make them...2013-12-10-10-36-41

My Mom's side of the family have been making these homemade caramels for generations. They are much coveted around town. Mom has to make several batches each year and those who receive them squirrel them away. Various aunts and cousins all make them and a few years back, my brother started making them. Well, of course I'm supposed to make them. However, they take almost three hours...of CONSTANT STIRRING. It's crazy. I will say since iPads and Netflix came along, things have been easier. Each person who makes caramels has their own Sandy Softball. The official family mascot of caramel making


It's ridiculous and wonderful. When my grandmother died in 2005, there was an extra Sandy. Last year she was given to Andrew who has proudly taken up the torch of caramel making for me!

These. Boxes and boxes of them.


Barbra Streisand's version of Jingle Bells. Two minutes of spastic goodness.


There is so much more. There are only a few things about the holidays that I dislike.

I can't believe October is almost over. It flew by and this challenge has been so fun. I'm thinking about making my own for November. Thirty posts for thirty days in celebration of my thirtieth birthday on the 22nd. Who's game!? Let's do it!