30 for 30

photo Last month's challenge was in celebration of this blog's third anniversary. It got me out of a blogging rut--it was so fun! This month has thirty days in it and I'm also turning 30. Let's do it again! November is also the month of NaBloPoMo, a derivation of the NaNoWriMo phenomenon....so we're on trend and it's good timing.

Only this time, I make the rules.

Participation can be through blogging, Twitter, Instagram, or even email! I would love to hear from you out there on one or all of these topics. If you feel like chatting directly through email, get in touch at: yepindeedblog@gmail.com.

Following me on Twitter and Instagram at @graylin_porter.

Use the hashtags #30for30 or #yepindeed. Or tag it to the wider event w/ #NaBloPoMo

Here's my challenge.

Day 1 // November goals Day 2 // 1 Photo: one photo & a post inspired by it Day 3 // The little ways you cope with Mondays... Day 4 // Favorite novel Day 5 // Three recipes you want to make right now Day 6 // Favorite Twitter accounts Day 7 // TGIF -- your celebratory rituals Day 8 // Free pass -- blog whatever! Day 9 //  1 Photo Day 10 // If you could live anywhere? Day 11 // Favorite Instagram accounts Day 12 // How you brighten your every day. Day 13 // If you could have any other job, what? Day 14 // Favorite blogs Day 15 // 1 Photo Day 16 // Free pass -- blog whatever! Day 17 // Your winter essentials Day 18 // Your choice of 3 famous (dead or living) dinner guests Day 19 // 1 Photo Day 20 // Favorite Pinterest accounts Day 21 // How synchronicity changes your life Day 22 // NO POST...It's my birthday! Day 23 // Favorite Thanksgiving dish and/or family recipe Day 24 // Free pass -- blog whatever! Day 25 // A completely frivolous, indulgent Christmas list Day 26 //  Favorite Thanksgiving family tradition Day 27 // Thanksgiving Day 28 // 1 fictional character you'd take with you Black Friday shopping Day 29 // 1 Photo Day 30 // Month in review

If this is anything like last month, it makes the month FLY by.