November Goals

3ec5e7b4b6a4d454d1f19df4ded2a94a Ready to get this month going!

Since I failed on a few of my October goals, I need to get it in check for November. Make this somewhat simple...

1. Finish my blogging challenge. Ha!

2. Read some more. Yes, this was a goal last month too. I've realized that my goal of 52 books this year is probably not going to happen. I'm at 40 right now...we'll see what I can do...

3. Wear my new gold Snoozies as much as possible


4. Make as much soup as possible

5. Get my Christmas shopping done. This probably won't happen, but I'm trying to give myself a challenge in hopes of getting mostly done.

Loving seeing some of your posts already. Ridiculously impressed that Laura is already on her 47th book of the year. And looks like Aileen and I are on the same page with the shopping goal. Woohoo!