Poses we've got 7 left...


Ok. I'm going to be honest. I have really dislike this yearly, "pose of the week" challenge I gave myself. Why did I keep it up then? Because I'm super stubborn when it comes to goals that I give myself.

I just haven't enjoyed writing them at all. In fact, I'm not sure I like writing about yoga. For me, teaching and doing yoga is not something that is easily translated into words...especially ones you have to type out and properly punctuate.

So, we've got seven left. Do I follow through? Kind of. This is my last pose post of the year, we're getting all seven done today!


Wow. Maria Villella makes it looks effortless yeah?! I really love this YouTube channel-- 1 Percent Theory. Great high quality video.

While I did post about Surya Namaskara in general, I realize that I have yet to touch on the basic postures individually that make up Surya Namaskara A + B: UtkatasanaUrdhva Hastasana, Ardha UttanasanaUttanasana, High Plank, Urdhva Mukha SvanasanaVirabhadrasana I

Click each pose name for a detailed description.


Don't worry, there's a method to my madness as well. I'll be posting on it again, but on January 1st, I'll be teaching at a fun event hosted by 502 Power Yoga at the Kentucky Science Center. Various instructors from around the area will be leading the community in 108 Sun Salutations to kick off 2015, proceeds benefiting the Africa Yoga Project. 

So, we better know our Surya Namaskara right!?