how did I do?

2014-12-07 20.34.38 ugh.

This is first year in awhile that I've slacked on my New Year's resolutions. Need a reminder of what they were? Click here.

However, I'm pretty happy with what I accomplished--it's not like I sat back and did absolutely nothing.

Did I read all the books I own, but have not read?

No. But I've read 42 and counting....that's decent.

Did I keep a clean car and closet?

No. But I honestly think I did better than before...

Did I get comfortable kicking up to the wall for handstand?

No. But I am doing pincha mayurasana! That's something right?!

Did I paint much?

No. I wish I had.

Did I finish my 52 poses blog project?

Kind of...not really. Here's an explanation.

This year, I plan to ease up on my resolutions...back off a bit.

Sorry to not post for a few days---will hopefully be back with regular posts soon.