IMG_20140119_133114 Okay. So one of my unofficial New Year's intentions/resolutions/WHATEVERs is to give up Charles Shaw. I know...why?!??!?

Because I'm 30 and I need to get my crap together and stop it with the two buck chuck.

Along with this, I'm trying to cut back on my wine consumption. While I don't think I was necessarily drinking too much, it just wasn't very focused. In other words, I'm going for quality over quantity and seeing how we do.

I got into wine a little bit several years ago and then fell out of it...when Louisville got a Trader Joe's...

I love Whitney Adams, sommelier and liquor guru out of LA, originally from Lexington, KY!

She just posted this video a few days ago and it was very appropriate.


We have a little wine store in Corydon that will probably be seeing a lot more of me...