a master list of flawless stuff

A list of 32 items that are perfect. Literally...they have no downside whatsoever.

1. Driving with music blasting and the windows down

2. Laura Dern

3. Reading

4. Samoas (GS cookie...Caramel Delites for some of y'all...wha!?)

5. Ian McEwan

6. Exercising

7. Sassy Fox Upscale Consignment in Louisville, KY

8. Ed Sheeran

9. These glasses that are typically sold in art museum gift shops

10. Single malt scotch whiskey

11. Toy Story 3

12. Taking a bath...combine this was #3 and #10 and you've got perfection

13. Crayola crayons

14. The Cheesy Grill and Tomato Soup at Tupelo Honey Cafe

15. Survivor. Yeah, like, the reality show. Yes, I am serious.

16. Smartwool socks

17. Jeffrey Eugenides

18. Black and white photography

19. Tom Haverford's food language:

20. Pinot grigio

21. Hugging a pile of clean laundry right after it comes out of the dryer

22. Familia Camarena Resposado tequila

23. Leaving work on a Friday

24. Bookstores

25. Breaking Bad

26. Stockard Channing audiobook performance on all of Beverly Clearly's Ramona series. Listen to a preview here.

27. Coffee

28. Arthur's Seat in Edinburgh, Scotland

29. Black leggings

30. Nora Ephron

31. A good pixie haircut

32. Picture books