march 2015

Anyone think this month was one of the longest ever?

It feels like I did my February wrap-up over a year ago. There was SO MUCH SNOW. So much COLD. So much waiting....for spring...which is still not quite here...

Let's see...what do I have to offer:

1. The Bad Blood by Taylor Swift Pandora station. I know, but you'll be jamming.

2. New-to-me blogs/websites I've been loving include The First Mess and The New Potato. If you like fun, quick, and unique celebrity interviews, check out latter, but be prepared to lose an hour. Easy.

3. I made a ton of multicolored carrots from Trader Joe's. Those are ridiculously delicious.

4. We got around to painting upstairs. It was relatively painless. BUT STILL.

5. I have finally read Wallace Stegner and yep, he's amazing.