I forgot to take photos

This post has no photos. Why? Because I forgot to take them. Today I had several local yoga instructors/yoginis out to the studio for a class and a late afternoon meal. We laughed, ate, drank wine and had a fabulous time.

Here's the real deal. When I'm socializing, I NEVER remember to take out the phone. 

I was too busy laughing, teaching yoga, hosting, and enjoying everyone's company. Part of me was upset after it was over because I didn't capture a single photo with my phone. WHAT!? Just because I didn't Instagram it, doesn't mean it wasn't great. 

Social media might be what brought a lot of us together, but when I get that rare moment to spend time with internet friends IRL, I like to be present.

Thank you to all who came...it means A LOT to have you take the time and energy to come to Corydon from Louisville. If you took photos, I'd love to see them! HA!

 I will see you all soon--much love,