we're here once a week now

So apparently this is a once-a-week kind of blog right now. FINE. I warned everyone that it was going to be intense!

It was a bit of a rough week. Forrest spent roughly four days at the vet on IV fluids, getting x-rays, bloodwork etc. He is home now after a severe bout of gastroenteritis from eating something he should not have....which as of twenty minutes ago, we know is dental floss. WHEN WILL THESE DOGS LEARN!? We're hoping we don't have to take him in again...

It's funny because, depending on the time of year, the majority of my energy lands in different places. With only fifteen days of school left, a lot of my thoughts are there. It's going to be a fun fifteen days. This is the first year that I am truly sad to see the fourth graders go...they have been so awesome the past four years.

So....if there are only fifteen days of school left...that means only sixteen days left until the trip. 



James Blake has a new album. Every yoga teacher out there is grateful.


I finally listened to y'all and got back to The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. It's hilarious, I like it a lot, but a little bit goes a long way. It's exhausting.


The Testament of Mary: A Novel by Colm Toibin. He's pretty awesome.


Me and some of the kids at school are in the process of making 150+ minibooks for all the fourth graders. They deserve a going away present and have loved our minibooks all year. 

It's a monotonous process to say the least.


This week of 4:30am wakeup calls was much better and I got a great week of practice in. Here are the classes I took via Yogaglo this week:

Strong Primary Series to Protect the Lower Back // Jodi Blumstein

Reset Your Expectations // Tiffany Cruikshank
   *this is my go-to "kick my butt" backbend class....so tough!

Long, Sweaty Flow // Kathryn Budig

Primary Intermediate Mix // Jodi Blumstein

Dive into Big Backbends // Kathryn Budig
   * I've done this class countless times...best warm-up for backbending ever!


Hosted the fam for Mother's Day dinner last night...which was Derby...which Alex now has taken up the tradition of making Mint Juleps....and we drank...a lot of them...


Let's see....have I mentioned that the Corydon Wal-Mart now carries kombucha? Reuben's face is perfect representation of how I feel about this:

Other than that, I've pretty much kept on keeping on. I have found my way back to two favorites recipes: The Pioneer Woman's Perfect Iced Coffee and the Pan Roasted Honey Garlic Brussel Sprouts on i am a food blog.

I contemplated buying packing cubes for the trip...but I think they might be a hoax...thoughts?