it is upon us

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They're here! The holidays! Our tree is up, the candles are in the windows, and carols are playing.

We survived hosting Thanksgiving for my family. It was so fun to eat at the new table. And we learned two things: this is the best pumpkin recipe ever and this wine is very very tasty. So good I had to pop into the local wine shop during Light Up Corydon last night to grab one bottle to finish off the weekend.

Looking forward to five weeks of glogg, carols, holiday movies, Star Wars premieres, best of year lists, and eating!

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Among the many other things that grace my holiday bucket list each year, I have decided to start a new tradtion: reading the entirety of Harry Potter from Thanksgiving Day to New Year's Day. As of today, I'm already a quarter of the way through book two! I am thoroughly enjoying reading both the conventional and illustrated versions, as well as listening to the Jim Dale audiobooks. Very festive.

And it's pretty much impossible to get any heavy reading done during this time anyway. However, I do find myself with some extra free time now that I'm three weeks Instagram free. It's not completely gone -- I still have the studio account to post class info and communicate with students. I will admit that it's been tough getting on just to post and respond without getting sucked into stories and scrolling. I'm doing a little bit better every day --- baby steps to four o'clock!

Thanksgiving brought a new season of my favorite podcast, Two Gomers Run for Their Lives. So glad to have them back in my earbuds. It's weird because I've been listening to them for almost ten years...WHHHHHAA?!?!?!?!?

Andrew and I celebrated our 9th wedding anniversary Friday, my 33rd birthday a couple days before that. So much to be grateful for it's hard to put into words. 

Simon was a snotty mess throughout the holiday, but seems to be on the mend. I will say there is nothing that a ridiculous amount of rice crispies can't cure for this guy. For every fifteen he picks up, one gets in his mouth and the dogs are thrilled.

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