highlights of 2017. what a year...


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2017 started off in protest. These photos were taken on January 21st, the day of the Women's March.

It was a wonderful day to be out in defiance of Trump. I am confident that if the world could have known how bad the next year would be, there would have been millions and millions more out there. 

I would have been in DC if I wasn't about to have a baby. OMG look at that belly!

photos from Louisville's Move Forward event

photos from Louisville's Move Forward event

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Most of the month I spent miserably pregnant and waiting around for baby boy. 

Then he was there.

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March is a total newborn blur. 

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2017-03-03 07.12.53 1.jpg

We watched a bunch of Big Little Lies and Grand Designs, gave a lot of bottles, and didn't sleep very much.

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Spring! All the coleus!

I also got moving again -- restarting yoga and such. Not easy by any means, but looking back, I've come a long way since then!

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May was the beginning of our "porch sitting with wine and babies" season. It was pretty great.

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I started teaching again and have never loved it more. Thank you so much to all for your practices -- it has been a blast this year.

Oh and we got hanging flower baskets!

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June was beautiful. We hit our stride with the baby and things definitely got easier. 

I got really into plants, both indoor and outdoor and funnily enough, my indoor ones (except for one) are all still alive. I call that a major victory.

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2017-06-22 09.28.51 1.jpg
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Simon and Philip started to enjoy playpen time together (HA!) and they were adorable with their bald heads.

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Andrew was in an outdoor wedding that had the most perfect weather imaginable and it was lovely.



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Simon's first trip to Asheville! He loved getting to see his great aunt Lis! Nothing better than a trip to Asheville with Mom to do nothing but shop and eat. I admit it was a little exhausting with the guy, but still great.

And because the weather was so insane, there was lots of drinking outside, both beer and coffee.

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This month was a turning point for the country. The events in Charlottesville caused a pivot from absurdity to true danger in regards to this administration's treatment of minorities. We were all witness to Trump's embrace of white supremacy and I believe it was the beginning of the end...unfortunately, we're still not there, but closer and all the more terrifying.

TOMATOES. Andrew took his garden to a whole new level this year. First tomatoes out of the garden will always be eaten in a BLT. There is nothing better.

2017-08-04 04.10.18 2.jpg

Andrew waged war on the japanese beetles, which were particularly bad this year. The poor roses survived thanks to his diligent nightly meditation of flicking them into a bowl of soapy water. HA!

And then there was the eclipse...which was a letdown. Next time we will be watching at totality.

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Another trip to Asheville, this time with Andrew to order our table. Again, a lovely long weekend full of eating and shopping.

Shrimp boil up in Indy with Louie the Corgi, who is seriously the sweetest dog on the planet.

A photo of all three Ridley boys on tiny rocking chairs...please ignore the creeper smiling maniacally in the background.

My indoor plants still alive and my vision for a plant filled hallway came to life. Believe it or not, these guys still look great now! A couple close calls here and there, but they are thriving.


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2017-09-16 04.00.21 1.jpg

Margaret got a pool. Margaret lives within one minute of my house. This is a good thing.

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2017-09-14 01.42.03 1.jpg


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A artisanal highchair from Papaw and we decided to finally do something about our back patio. 

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2017-10-28 10.21.09 3.jpg

A life goal of mine was realized when our Sticks table was delivered. I had no idea when I blogged about them years ago I would actually have one in the near future. 

Simon's first Halloween and it was COLD. Please don't pay any attention to my costume. It was awful.

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2017-10-28 08.57.05 2.jpg


November was great...except I don't have any photos of it. I left Instagram at the beginning of the month. It was a great experiment. I wanted to be more present and spend less time looking at people and things that annoyed me. After six weeks, I realized I didn't miss about 75% of it. I missed keeping up with dear friends and family, sharing silly videos, and getting inspired from certain accounts. I've since gotten back on with a private account and a bare bones feed.

It's funny though because in just that short amount of time, the habit of posting and checking completely went away and I find myself not posting hardly at all right now...has shown me just how insignificant it is to my daily life.

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Alex was Santa at Feeders Supply again this year. It was mayhem, but we managed to get a photo with all three boys in it. 

Even with a couple weeks still to go, December has been very excellent so far. Happy first birthday to Philip and looking forward to Simon's first Christmas.

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2017-12-15 08.25.56 3.jpg

I have said this to Andrew and others many times this year, but 2017 was for me personally, insanely good. However, it is bittersweet given the violence, natural disasters, corruption, and injustice that continues on. I'm not sure what to do other than be grateful, know that it could all go away in an instant, and dedicate my time and energy to creating change where I can.

To any out there still reading this little blog, I appreciate you so much and thank you.

Happy Holidays and New Year,