life lately

Simon is two months old today. Crazy!

He's doing fabulous - we've really hit our stride enjoying long walks in the stroller, eating lunch with Andrew at work one day a week, and constantly visiting with grandparents, aunts/uncles, and cousins.

He's also already sleeping through the night...he loves his crib and loves going to bed?!? Is this normal?! Whatever, I'll take it.

I'm not excited about his two month doctor appointment on Friday...first shots! Ugh, I am dreading it, but he'll fine...surely...ha ha

Lots of great stuff happening right now so I thought I'd throw in a weekly report...


So much! Better Call Saul and Fargo both started back and are as good as ever. Silicon Valley started last night, which we'll watch tonight along with Last Week Tonight with John Oliver. The Handmaid's Tale starts this week on Hulu, which I'm super excited might be a little too timely right now, but I'm still watching. I watched the series finale of GIRLS and hated it...haha. So glad that show is over!

LISTEN much. New albums everywhere! But honestly, is there anything else but Lady Gaga's new single, The Cure? No. It's all there is right now.

I've also fully committed to listening to both episodes of Pod Save America per week. I love their frank attitude, but supported with major insider knowledge. 


We are gearing up for summer/spring gardening. Have I mentioned yet that I'm embracing yardwork this year? I am doing flower pots again this year, but we also have installed twelve wrought iron hooks on the house for hanging flower baskets...a lot to water, but I WILL do it...I WILL!

Oh and last week we went to see Bernie Sanders in Louisville. He says everything you want to hear and is so awesome...inspiring and also incredibly depressing because he's not in charge and the Orange Windsock baby-president is.

Trump's latest insanity from last night is baffling...bragging that he got higher ratings than 9/11 coverage on television....disgusting. He's disgusting and I am still in despair at what is happening in this country in case you're wondering.


I've been back at it for about two weeks now and it gets easier every day. In addition to yoga practice, I'm walking with the stroller (making myself attack hills around town), dancing my butt off in the studio (no shame, flailing for 45 minutes results in some serious sweat!), and on Saturday Kayla and I tried out the new indoor cycling studio in Louisville, Cyclebar. Tons of fun, I hope to go again this coming weekend.


Enjoying the ridiculous wine memoir, Cork Dork, from Bianca Bosker. The wine world is so weird.