hi there

Sorry it's been awhile! Trip to Asheville was immediately followed by a couple busy days of teaching and getting things back together.

We had a good time -- Simon was such a great little traveler. We ate everything, which you already know if you follow me on IG. I was posting to stories a ton-- anyone else having so much fun with IG stories? 

Simon put up with being hauled all over Asheville and never even grumbled. He was fairly wrecked on Sunday though...as you can see in this photo. Poor dear!

We are excited to head back to AVL in September to buy our Sticks table. I can't believe I might have one in just a few months! As silly as it sounds, it's a major bucket list item for me. Crazy.

In other news, I finished a book (!), have been obsessed with HAIM's new album, gleefully following the insanity of Trump Jr, and eating lots of zucchini....Andrew's garden is exploding!