things for life right now

If you haven't been paying attention, the GOP is trying to rip healthcare from 32 million people, voting on a monstrous bill next week called Graham Cassidy. If you want to know more, watch Pod Save America's FB live from yesterday. 

Then call this number: (202) 224-3121 and ask your senators to vote no.

Thanks, ok, here's my blog post:

Life has been easy and fun lately -- fully leaning into the fall feeling around here. Yankee Candles, pumpkin muffins + soup, and have been drinking more red! Ha!

At Simon's six month check-up yesterday, the pediatrician let us know that given he's already crawling and sitting up on his own, he may very well walk by Christmas...WHAT?! NO! I'm NOT READY!!!

Tried to watch HBO's The Deuce. So tiresome. Hey, HBO: let's do something other than gratuitous violence, nudity, and exploitation of women mmkay?

As per usual, I found a new podcast that I am loving. Thank you Kendra for providing some fun listening amongst all my political shows!

Hold onto your hats: I AM READING. I've made myself get my book and read first thing in the early AM instead of interneting. It's been magical. About to finish this book, which is next month's bookclub selection.

Stumbled across this print and ordered it immediately. The birds of paradise in Planet Earth have always held a special place in our hearts.

Always look forward to Thursday mornings on YouTube. Thank you Samantha Bee!

Ta-nehisi Coates: you are correct.