How many things need to happen to remind me that I am insanely lucky and have no real problems? The gratitude is overwhelming.

I am of course referring to the disgusting decision of the Trump admin to bomb Syria as a punishment for using chemical weapons. This is not an issue specific to Trump...it has happened with nearly every US president during my lifetime. I know it is a complex issue beyond simple generalizations, but I will never understand the logic of bombing a country to prove bombing is bad. Sorry...

2017-10-16 07.32.45 1.jpg
2018-04-13 07.29.48 1.jpg

what a difference a year makes!?

In lighter news, things are good around here. We were outside A LOT this week, including a test drive of the new double stroller. It was a hit!

I was thrilled to meet some new activists at our Moms Demand meeting and if you couldn't make it, there is a larger chapter meeting coming up on April 25th in New Albany.

Also locals: I highly suggest you check out the Arts Midwest Concert Series this week in Corydon. The Unni Boksasp Ensemble from Norway is performing this week. Looking forward to meeting them and chatting about Norwegian this and that tomorrow evening at an opening dinner Mom is hosting for them. 

Chef's Table: Pastry hit Netflix Friday. I've only watched the first one with Christina Tosi so far. I can't even with that show...it is so ridiculous.

Currently listening to the new Kacey Musgraves album nonstop, along with some of Cardi B's thrown in. Quite the pairing!

I didn't get a lot read this week, but after hosting bookclub yesterday, I was energized and the Amazon Kindle deals were AMAZING yesterday and today. Last night I started Tangerine by Catherine Manger and love it so far.