2014 in Review

2014-11-22_1416662992 What a year! Feeling very grateful for a wonderful 2014. It will always be the year that we somehow managed to find the perfect house. Every day, Andrew and I still cannot believe this is our house. I really don't think I'll ever get over it.2014-06-25_1403739581

We somehow managed to get these roses under control. 2014-08-02_1406989347This dog ate a lot of things he shouldn't have. 2014-04-12_1397344725

I listened to this album a ton. Oh and this one. Ugh

I've had enough of Jennifer Lawrence, Taylor Swift, Sarah Koenig, Wes Anderson, Johnny Depp, and Lena Dunham. I'm over it.

This dog got a little bit older and a little bit creakier. 2014-09-10_1410390047This baby was a cutie on the regular. 2014-10-25_1414272182Deleted Facebook. So good.

I turned 30. Gulp.2014-11-21_1416611108This is unsettling. To say the least.

I'm really not sure what to think about it all. These photos do a good job I suppose.

I really hated the Serial podcast. I really loved the Gomers Christmas episodes, discovering the Call Your Girlfriend podcast, The Splendid Table, and America's Test Kitchen Radio. NPR: You're letting me down, on the regular.

I somehow managed to get a few weekends done of my 500hr yoga TT. Looking ahead at the 2015 calendar, there is a possibility I could get several more done. Slowly, but surely.

In just a few days, Alex and Kayla are moving back to Corydon and just down the street!

2014-11-30 15.09.50

Andrew actually smiled and took a picture with me. Little victories.2014-11-30 15.08.59

It was a good one. Looking forward to 2015. The word on the street is that we're in for a rough winter around here. I'm kind of looking forward to it, but also thinking that maybe we should just fast forward to days like this? 2014-09-27 13.14.09


I apologize for the ridiculously random summary of my year. It's just what I felt like writing.

Thanks for reading everyone out there. See you tomorrow for my resolutions!



Merry Christmas


Hope you have a great one! Going to take the rest of this week off from blogging. After consistent (pretty much daily) posting since the beginning of October, I'm feeling the need for a breather. Let us eat, drink, and be merry!

We've got three Christmases to attend in the next two days--should be fun!




OH and whichever wonderful person posted this perfect 12 second clip on YouTube, thank you:


how did I do?

2014-12-07 20.34.38 ugh.

This is first year in awhile that I've slacked on my New Year's resolutions. Need a reminder of what they were? Click here.

However, I'm pretty happy with what I accomplished--it's not like I sat back and did absolutely nothing.

Did I read all the books I own, but have not read?

No. But I've read 42 and counting....that's decent.

Did I keep a clean car and closet?

No. But I honestly think I did better than before...

Did I get comfortable kicking up to the wall for handstand?

No. But I am doing pincha mayurasana! That's something right?!

Did I paint much?

No. I wish I had.

Did I finish my 52 poses blog project?

Kind of...not really. Here's an explanation.

This year, I plan to ease up on my resolutions...back off a bit.

Sorry to not post for a few days---will hopefully be back with regular posts soon.



let's december

10809703_1513038418965800_370963157_nAh. It's Monday. Thanksgiving is over. Got to see lots of family, friends, little nieces and nephews, cocktails, great food, and a lot of candy cane Joe-Joes.

For the past two months I've been doing blogging challenges, posting every single day. Part of me isn't sure how to go about things without making time for the blogging. December is going to be free form on here...especially since I pulled the plug on my 52 poses early.

Found a couple fun things going on around the internet this morning. Katie Levans has got 25 Days of Yoga for us on Honeystuck, Slate's kicking us off with the Best of Year lists, and Danielle at Lou What Wear breaks down Cyber Monday.

Let's do it!

September 2014

10665491_717505314996900_1696299217_n This month brought on beach vacations, crazy fever viruses, vanilla chai scones, American Horror Story: Coven binge sessions, and more. It was whirlwind!

1. Any and all Charles Shaw varietals taste 100x better on the beach

2. You can lose all faith or respect for one of your local news stations in one day. My coworkers know what I'm talking about on this one.

3. What you think is allergies can quickly turn into having a 101 degree for FOUR DAYS STRAIGHT. Blargh.

4. Ian McEwan is flawless. Read this book in two sittings. It's wonderful.

5. Burned through American Horror Story: Coven. Uhhhhhhh whoa. I really liked it...but, man. Not sure if I'm ready for the next round...it's subject matter is making me uneasy already.

6. After AHS, we needed something light so started Veep on HBO. So funny right from the jump! So glad because I've heard it just gets better as it goes and there are three seasons. Woohoo!

7. After a trip to Bloomington, I've realized that I am completely out of touch with "what the kids are wearing these days." The amount of high-waisted shorts and crop tops had me reeling.

8. Taking a couple weeks off of my yoga practice proved to be kind of amazing. Feeling stronger already. I've got to remember that sometimes rest is best.

9. I've given my Pinterest account a bit of a makeover. I'm going to try to use it a bit differently and a bit more, using it as an extensive of this blog. I come across so many amazing things & don't always have the time to blog them all. I'll be pinning them from now on! Follow along here.

10. I finally broke down and got rid of the $19 smartphone. I'm now using something decent so my photos will be a little bit better...phew, now all those dog, yoga, and food pics will be in focus! Ha.

2014-09-06_1410042040 2014-09-07_1410115573 2014-09-13_1410651130 2014-09-17_1410967538 2014-09-21_1411314512 2014-09-24_1411586408 2014-09-26_1411766875 2014-09-07_1410090330 2014-09-08_1410208548 2014-09-12_1410559559 2014-09-13_1410620719 2014-09-13_1410625302 2014-09-14_1410722014 2014-09-18_1411042390 2014-09-20_1411228393 2014-09-21_1411322612 2014-09-22_1411389735 2014-09-23_1411501685 2014-09-27_1411847809 2014-09-27_1411859889 2014-09-02_1409687697 2014-09-04_1409860871 2014-09-06_1410046445 2014-09-07_1410107638 2014-09-08_1410191428 2014-09-08_1410209849 2014-09-09_1410284430 2014-09-10_1410384601 2014-09-10_1410390047 2014-09-11_1410468936 2014-09-12_1410482824 2014-09-13_1410645988 2014-09-14_1410731778 2014-09-16_1410884082 2014-09-18_1411071117 2014-09-18_1411072250 2014-09-19_1411145851 2014-09-23_1411509667 2014-09-27_1411838494 2014-09-28_1411915711 2014-09-28_1411917681 2014-09-28_1411933985 2014-09-05_1409951358 2014-09-06_1410038406 2014-09-07_1410107536 2014-09-15_1410791025 2014-09-21_1411327125

Alright now, let's do this. #pumpkin

heavy things

8d7f8feb73cd9308146785b71c578e1a Ugh.

Yesterday when scrolling through my podcast feeds I saw that Lauren Bacall died...on Tuesday. And I just found out on Saturday?!? What's going on!? Oh wait, I know, Robin Williams also died, things in the Middle East are insane, Michael Brown is dead and this is now going on. 

Things are always in shambles, but lately it's a little bleak. On top of all this global sadness, our old boy Mr. Forrest/Bagel is having real trouble walking and seems to be in real pain every time we go to pick him up the past couple days. It's tough not to get down. All this puts things into perspective I suppose.

Here's a great little video from classic Sesame Street featuring Robin Williams. Thanks to Mom for sharing it originally. Hilarious, sweet, and appropriate for the times.


It's supposed to rain all day today. I'll be honest, I'm looking forward to staying inside hanging pictures and reading. Have a great Sunday everyone.

Poses 32/52: Salabhasana

10616420_567103710066510_2144891624_n I'm not even going to pretend. I hate this pose. Really, I do.

I'm not a huge fan of the "belly-down" backbends. I like bow pose okay, but Salabhasana or Locust?! Boo. Because I hate it so much, I tend to avoid it, which means I'm not very "good" at it. This summer, I made myself practice it regularly and, lo and behold, it got easy and less horrible!!?! Duh. Like everything in yoga, it doesn't get better unless you DO IT.

I do a Google image search on every one of my pose posts and I have to say that this one gave me some of the most varied results...all I can say is, what the what?!

images (1) images posture108 viparita_shalabhasana_by_odie1049-d6ckewb


If you need a thorough and more reasonable visual with excellent instruction, check out Yoga Journal's pose guide here.

Or watch Adrienne give you an eight minute tutorial on it here [embed]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0kxczNm1xF4[/embed]

Happy lifting....it's tough to be happy when doing this pose, but try...it probably makes it easier.

Poses 30/52: Savasana

im-just-here-for-the-savasana First week back to school and we're moving to the new house this weekend....classes at the studio are packed...I've been waking up at 4:30ish to get yoga practice in...needless to say, our pose this week is Savasana, or Corpse pose. One of the most important poses for sure. Not sure a tutorial is needed, other than just: RELAX.


21e86ffe7542f2a72504f2d941494508 e3b2e9c4a4cce98675570552294c32d6

Poses: 29/52: Sirasana A

10569975_1388923278021209_149601908_n Yes, that's me...doing half lotus in a HEADSTAND. I know, I know, I can't believe it myself. It was a year next month that I finally started headstanding. So crazy. So happy. I will never ever tell a student that fear is not real....because it IS. It held me back for many years. However, I'm glad it did. Because now that I'm not as scared, I've got all the other pieces of the puzzle. My core strength is there, shoulders, balance, etc. So it's play time....near a wall of course. C'mon, I'm not totally cured yet!

I've never really followed yoga celebrity Tara Stiles. This week I listened to an interview with her that I really enjoyed and I liked her approaches to headstand.



Headstanding is so rough. Yes, it's considered "the king of all asanas." But man, it's so scary! I have mad respect for anyone who is scared of it...because it is scary. Also, it's not safe for everyone. I think it's important to be very cautious with this pose.

d27838454e4d9296306d362d6c9db6fe tumblr_mewi23fgzj1r48gb2o1_250 headstand-group


photo sources: 1, 2, 3

Real quick--in other news, we now have official Yoga on Capitol Avenue studio shirts available!


These are super soft, American Apparel tanks and tees. Tanks are $15, T-shirts are $20. Even if you've never been to my studio, live out of town, etc... but like the shirt, send me an email at yogaoncapitolavenue@gmail.com and I'll give you all the info!


52 Poses: 24, 25 + 26: Surya Namaskara

sun-salutation Yeah so I realize now that I did a post celebrating our halfway point in this challenge and we've only done 23 poses...I'm not great at math, obviously, but I think 26 is half of 52 right? Sigh...

Obviously I meant we were halfway through 2014 (which is crazy). So, I'm going to cheat and get caught up with dedicating this post to the whole of Surya Namaskara A: Sun Salutation A. I'll admit it, I used to be totally bored by sun sals (as I call them...sometimes in class while teaching...ha). However, within the past few months, I've grown very fond of them. Maybe not as fond as this person:

I found that pic on pinterest...while it's kind of crazy, I also kind of LOVE IT. I've always wanted more b&w tattoos...especially in that spot, but whoa.

One my favorites, Yoga with Adrienne, has a great tutorial:

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kA4OLCHgLAI&w=854&h=510]

While browsing different things for this post, I found another video on Adrienne's channel that I found super helpful and fun:

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e7r2DEq--p8&w=854&h=510]


52 Poses: Halfway mark!

DipticDiptic (1)Diptic (2)

I've made it halfway! Yay!


Made a little video of all the poses of the year so far...cannot believe we are already halfway through 2014. I'm taking a break this week, no new pose. Will be back next week with another.


Hope you're having a great week! [embed]http://scontent-b.cdninstagram.com/hphotos-xap1/t50.2886-16/1610298_1471040336475185_44131259_n.mp4[/embed]





March 2014

2014-03-21_1395424658 Starting with massive snow storm and ending in NYC madness...March, you were great!

1. Don't wear fleece footie pajamas while walking down hardwood steps at 6:00am with a large cup of full coffee in hands...you will fall and learn that it's possible to lie in a puddle of self defeat contemplating life, covered in coffee while wearing fleece. And be incredibly sore for the next few days.

2. Pharrell Williams--you're awesome.

3. Kids these days still love high quality audiobooks and will listen to them with total attention.

4. Not only is headstand possible, but moving legs around in crazy positions while doing so might be too...EEK

5. Tom Collichio knows what he's doing....Craft was amazing.

6. Idina Menzel can sing like that IRL...and even louder.

7. Visiting with friends you haven't seen in a long while is good for the soul.

8. This song on repeat: [youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n_58FqEiG3I?feature=player_detailpage&w=640&h=360]

9. UK vs. U of L brings out the true workings on people in this area.

10. Call the Midwife is about 100x better than Downton Abbey...sorry.

2014-03-01_1393702067 2014-03-01_1393703928 2014-03-01_1393715534 2014-03-04_1393966005 2014-03-05_1393986367 2014-03-05_1394048609 2014-03-06_1394135005 2014-03-07_1394158876 2014-03-07_1394232538 2014-03-08_1394296636 2014-03-08_1394315199 2014-03-09_1394384470 2014-03-09_1394392363 2014-03-09_1394398716 2014-03-10_1394479710 2014-03-10_1394480142 2014-03-11_1394565443 2014-03-11_1394571328 2014-03-12_1394665331 2014-03-12_1394665544 2014-03-13_1394744548 2014-03-14_1394756987 2014-03-15_1394903109 2014-03-15_1394914939 2014-03-15_1394922534 2014-03-15_1394923843 2014-03-16_1394991296 2014-03-20_1395344040 2014-03-21_1395416041 2014-03-21_1395422345 2014-03-21_1395429679 2014-03-22_1395451976 2014-03-22_1395510658 2014-03-22_1395527438 2014-03-23_1395603305 2014-03-24_1395620984 2014-03-24_1395666484 2014-03-24_1395666739 2014-03-24_1395684744 2014-03-24_1395685284 2014-03-24_1395694921 2014-03-24_1395699159 2014-03-25_1395755824 2014-03-25_1395761204 2014-03-26_1395861652 2014-03-26_1395877015 2014-03-28_1396012854 2014-03-28_1396038685 2014-03-28_1396040956 2014-03-30_1396194541 2014-03-30_1396216902 2014-03-31_1396300517


jan 2014

IMG_20140129_185659 Things I learned this January:

1. IKEA can be even more fun than usual when you go on a weekday with a baby that never stops smiling.

2. I can fit twelve students in the studio...if we have to. So exciting! I am still so humbled by the number of people that have supported me in this little venture! Thanks all!

3. Kids are really funny and are noticeably less crazy after Christmas.

4. New Year's is great time to be in the yoga business---thank you to all the new students at the studio...you're awesome!

5. I can love snowy weather...if I'm working for a school...

6. ...but enough with the winter...my first real one in 10 years and it's -6 outside while I write this...yeah, that's right. BARF

7. Nothing makes your life brighter more than watching 2+ episodes of Parks & Recreation every night...working our way through season three now

8. We will go see Book of Mormon in Louisville on May 31st. Yessssssssss

9. I might have finally started making myself get up at 5am to do yoga a couple days a week...it's hard.

10. Jennifer Lawrence is overrated...sorry.

IMG_20140129_184834 IMG_20140126_100431 IMG_20140126_152854 IMG_20140127_153808 IMG_20140125_072803 IMG_20140123_154521 IMG_20140123_170643 IMG_20140124_163900 IMG_20140119_184714 IMG_20140120_150219 IMG_20140120_162011 IMG_20140121_120016 IMG_20140121_123334 IMG_20140121_133611 IMG_20140121_184832 IMG_20140122_113007 IMG_20140122_125004 IMG_20140122_150436 IMG_20140117_125446 IMG_20140118_142840 IMG_20140119_133114 IMG_20140119_135805 IMG_20140119_164915 2014-01-10_1389369165 2014-01-10_1389374098 2014-01-10_1389397792 2014-01-12_1389537692 2014-01-12_1389551130 2014-01-12_1389559913 2014-01-14_1389709418 2014-01-14_1389731582 2014-01-14_1389731690 2014-01-14_1389734215 2014-01-15_1389801706 2014-01-15_1389804930 2014-01-15_1389815981 2014-01-16_1389834493 2014-01-06_1389043190 2014-01-09_1389305325 2014-01-05_1388885764 2014-01-05_1388941239 2014-01-05_1388960854 2014-01-05_1388961020 2014-01-06_1389018413 2014-01-06_1389031101 2014-01-07_1389054433 2014-01-07_1389054650 2014-01-07_1389106708 2014-01-07_1389110728 2014-01-07_1389116827 2014-01-07_1389124354 2014-01-07_1389129323 2014-01-08_1389146444 2014-01-08_1389211714 2014-01-10_1389316261 2013-12-29_1388334214 2013-12-31_1388502918 2013-12-31_1388520601 2014-01-01_1388591559 2014-01-01_1388600362 2014-01-01_1388601183 2014-01-02_1388688082 2014-01-03_1388710533 2014-01-03_1388761954 2014-01-03_1388767511 2014-01-03_1388782363 2014-01-04_1388867933


photo 3 (1)2013 was pretty great. The studio kept growing, Andrew found a great job (despite a longer commute...thank god for Audible),  I made multiple trips to Asheville, completed all five of my resolutions, and I actually completed a weekly photo wrap up. Click here for snapshots of all 52 weeks of this year. Yeah I used my phone camera for most of the photos, but at least I did it! Other big highlights of the year: my brother had a baby! And he's about the sweetest thing ever!

We bought 8 acres of woods!

I can actually work on headstand now!

As I continue to keep this blog, I realize more and more it's for me as much as anyone else reading. And the more I realize that, the more readers I seem to acquire! I'm not sure how much longer I'll be able to keep it going, but right now, I still love sharing bits and pieces of my life and some of my favorite stuff.

My year in months can be seen through Instagram photos:

January February March April May June July August September October November December

2013 was a great year for new music...I always love looking back through my seasonal, dumping ground playlists:

Winter 2013:

[spotify id="spotify:user:graylinporter:playlist:0FhAUfoODuLOvgCQnytQen" width="300" height="380" /]

Spring 2013:

[spotify id="spotify:user:graylinporter:playlist:3GzrNCbb4PQbHKAwccdEPG" width="300" height="380" /]

Summer 2013:

[spotify id="spotify:user:graylinporter:playlist:3UNFlNa9ZKwXFBZTVek8xi" width="300" height="380" /]

Fall 2013:

[spotify id="spotify:user:graylinporter:playlist:0yeQWWy6dbrHwk4I8CsyHn" width="300" height="380" /]

With 2013 officially closed, it's time to get excited for all the excellent things ahead in 2014!

Possible vacations, a double dose of Christina Sell workshops, another new niece/nephew (Andrew's side this time), Winter Olympics, and I'm sure much more that I don't even expect.

Thank you so much for reading this blog!

Resolutions 2014

photo 2If you read this blog, you know I love resolutions. I explained why last year in this post. So, I'm doing it again...I completed all five in 2013, let's see if I got it in me for these five: 1. You know how you buy books and then they sit on shelves unread? In 2014, I will read all of those. I went through and rounded them up and was relieved there aren't too many: 2013-12-25 13.15.13 Because this is a really obtainable goal, I would also love to get at least 40 books read.

2. Keep a clean car. No more banana peels, scarves, books, fruit leather wrappers, dog hair (yeah right) and crusty coffee mugs. This is going to be HARD. Photo Jan 21, 7 23 01 PMI have also decided to extend this to my closet...as in, keep an organized and clean closet. I did a purge/reorganize yesterday so I'm starting from scratch...I'm willing to say that this will most likely NEVER happen, but I have to put it on here so I'm accountable.

3. Handstand...get comfortable kicking up to wall. Also, continue to work on getting headstand away from wall.

4. Paint. No specific goal except that I need to get my stuff out and paint more than I have in the past couple years. Also, this includes artwork using the iPad...I have barely scratched the surface of possibilities there.

5. Blog project: 52 Poses in 2014...stay tuned for more on this.

I'm also switching the blog up a bit just like I did last year. No more Camera Workout posts, but will still sprinkle about my "life is better with" posts along with monthly Instagram wrap-ups. However, I'm very excited about the new things I have planned for this little internet space. Do I dare try my hand at regularly sharing recipes?! By no means will this turn into another food blog (not needed in life), but I do cook a ton and usually make up my recipes...seems like a natural space to share them. And my new camera lens might make photographing easier for that kind of thing.

Also, stay tuned for the first post in my "52 Poses in 2014" series. This is going to be fun!

I thought I would a button of one of my favorite fellow bloggers, Melyssa, from The Nectar Collective. I love her idea for monthly, first Monday link-ups related to wishes for the year!

The Nectar Collective