my best of 2015

Here's a round up of my favorite things and personal highlights from 2015. Happy New Year!


1. Moving the studio over to the house + teaching at Inner Spring Yoga in New Albany. 

Both have been so great. Andrew and I were just talking about how awesome it feels to be running a small, but successful business right out of our house. And I love teaching in New Albany. I have met such fun, inspiring yogis there! It was a big yoga year...I thank everyone for their support!

Favorite Albums: Oh Wonder (Oh Wonder) and the Hamilton Original Broadway Cast Recording

2. Our trip to Moab, Utah and Colorado. Seriously, a flawless vacation.

Favorite Books: The Story of the Lost Child by Elena Ferrante and Why Not Me? by Mindy Kaling

3. Watching the kids at school create something wonderful and fun. Legos for everyone!

Favorite Movies: Ex Machina and Inside Out
I didn't go to  many movies this year and haven't seen Creed, Spotlight, or The Big Short, so I feel like this could change...

4. Simplifying my wardrobe. Getting rid of all non-dark/black yoga pants and regular pants had been oddly life changing. I feel much happier with my clothes in general.

Favorite TV Shows: The Jinx on HBO, Master of None on Netflix, Fargo season 2 on FX

5. Conquering my inversion fears...somewhat...
I'm still on and off the wall for inversions, but hey, compared to the this point last year, I've made huge leaps. Proud of myself!

Favorite Podcasts: Two Gomers Run for Their Lives, Slate's Double X Gabfest, Bon Appetit Foodcast, the One Part Podcast, and the list goes on and on and on....

6. Attending a bunch of teacher trainings at Asheville Yoga Center. Every time I get back from a training I feel inspired and renergized to teach. I love it there so much. I got a big chunk of my 500 done this year including vinyasa flow, yin, chakras, and therapeutics.

Favorite Drink: Old Weller 107, Cointreau, simple syrup in a highball class with one giant ice cube.

7. Having these guys right across the street!

Favorite "Things": this water bottle by Nathan, these sneakers and these sneakers, my new phone, Martha Stewart Whim collection bedsheets (I need the giraffe ones! They're always on sale in store at Macy's btw), and Adam Driver. Ha!

8. Six days of Ashtanga practice with Saraswathi Jois. It was a crazy experience that's for sure! 

Favorite Recipe: Honey Roasted Carrots with Tahini Yogurt from Yotom Ottolenghi's Plenty More cookbook.

9. Seeing dear Jacob and Laura get hitched! It was a super fun wedding and beautiful! I'm so glad that we've stayed friends since living in the dorms at UNCA. Seems like forever ago!

Favorite Website or Blog: Vox, This is Colossal, Minimalist Baker, Wine. All the Time


10. This guy and these dogs. Love them.

march 2015

Anyone think this month was one of the longest ever?

It feels like I did my February wrap-up over a year ago. There was SO MUCH SNOW. So much COLD. So much waiting....for spring...which is still not quite here...

Let's see...what do I have to offer:

1. The Bad Blood by Taylor Swift Pandora station. I know, but you'll be jamming.

2. New-to-me blogs/websites I've been loving include The First Mess and The New Potato. If you like fun, quick, and unique celebrity interviews, check out latter, but be prepared to lose an hour. Easy.

3. I made a ton of multicolored carrots from Trader Joe's. Those are ridiculously delicious.

4. We got around to painting upstairs. It was relatively painless. BUT STILL.

5. I have finally read Wallace Stegner and yep, he's amazing.

january 2015

2015-01-05_1420479133 were fast and furious!

Lots going on, kind of feels like it lasted forever actually when I think back on it...It feels like forever since I've done a bullet point, monthly wrap up so let's get going!

1. It has already been so great to Kaylex and Baby Graham back in Corydon and down the street at that!

2. We had a ton of new students at the studio and am excited about some future plans in that department.

3. Successfully participated in National Readathon Day.

4. Feeling a little overwhelmed with inspiration in regards to podcasts and blogs. So many things to listen to and read!

5. Did not have a single snow day. Boo.

6. Started the year off right with 108 Sun Salutations with my fellow yogis and yoginis of Louisville. So good.

7. This book is OVERRATED.

8.And that's all I've got for now. I'm a little distracted. I've been working hard on my new website. Yes, this blog will be moving locations very soon. Stay tuned!


we made it

2015-01-08 08.46.33 Friday.

It was a sort of rough, kind of great first week of the year. It was super duper cold, I felt a little blech...getting up at 5:00am for yoga is hard when you've been off that routine for a couple weeks. But we now have Kaylex + Baby Graham just down the street, the studio was packed, and we accepted an offer to buy our land! If you don't remember, way back when we bought 8 acres of woods in plans to build a house, but that all went out the window when brick central became available. It will be a big weight off to sell it. Paying for it and our house and the lot next door has been slightly unnerving.

Looking forward to a weekend of nothing. Hanging out with fam and friends, yoga-ing, etc,


back to work

  Screenshot 2015-01-05 05.22.59

Yes, I know the blog looks different again. I wasn't 100% happy with the last look, so I think this is it. Thanks for your patience.

Back to work this morning. Let's do it!

This song will indeed brighten your Monday...I can't stop with it...Walk the Moon is so 80s and I love them for it.





love for louisville yoginis

10872871_853848854635215_7788253830373776530_oIt's Friday? Ok. Let's be real...I'm not getting down to business until Monday when I go back to work.

Sipping coffee this morning and catching up on blogs, resting some sore shoulders. After 108 Sun Salutations yesterday, they are feeling it a bit!

I just have to write this post to honor and thank the team at 502 Power Yoga for putting on such a fantastic event yesterday. It was a real blast.

I want to recognize the team of instructors I was lucky enough to teach with amazing. If you're local...check these gals out!

Christine Saladino @yogatwistonlife
Cat Larimore @gato108
Jamie Calzi @jlcalzz
Laurie LeCompte @LaurieKeet
Jessica Santos @yogaslush
Dana Pelc Skrodzki
Sarah Kellinger Smith @502poweryoga
Beth Harris Phelps
Taylor Mcfarlane Owen @taylormarie2219
Karen Alladin @binkosaurus
Heidi Bartholomew
Mimi Hahn @mimihahn


And there you have it. Big thank you to the gang at lululemon oxmoor for this amazing photo! Again, I slacked and only got a few with my phone.

Intentions: 2015

IMGP0854 These are not resolutions, but attempts to get my crap together.

Let me be real, I'm not in trouble on any of these fronts, I just need to REEL IT IN a bit.

Let's talk about grocery shopping

Ah god. Groceries are expensive is what I'm learning. However, I'm not doing anything to be more organized on this front. I simply decide what I want to make, go out and buy the stuff. NO. NO. NO.

That is never good for budgeting.

Because I love to organize, I love making lists, and grocery shopping, this shouldn't be hard for me to maintain. I have even made my own meal planning/grocery list printable. I tried to find one online and didn't like anything I saw. If you want to use mine you're welcome to it, a free PDF link is available under the photo.

Screenshot 2014-12-31 08.18.58

FREE printable: yepindeedgrocerylist

Do you all out there have any tips and tricks? It seems like this kind of plagues everyone I know...


I've been wanting to get into Evernote for awhile. I think I might actually stick with it this time. I am in desperate need of one central note-taking spot. I think this is it. 


For example: send more snail mail to those I love.


Because it's not New Year's resolution time without me saying it. Will it happen? Hell no, but I'm going to throw it out there again.

Well. That's all I can commit to at this point.

My NYE plans consist of supper at home: salmon burgers, roasted potatoes from my new cookbooks, and a bottle of champs. Andrew and plan to stay in and watch movies. My kind of night.

Resolutions: 2015

Processed with VSCOcam with b5 preset Ok. Let's do this.

I'm reeling it in a little bit this year. Giving myself less resolutions with more specific parameters while at the same time looking at the year ahead in a broader sense. So I've decided this into two posts. First up we have my actual resolutions.

1. Little Free Library

We originally wanted to get it up this year, but it didn't happen. I will put up a Little Free Library in 2015! My dad built a great one and I've already registered it so we are well on our way.

If you aren't familiar with the Little Free Library organization, check it out here.

2. Read 52 Books

Almost made it in 2014. 2015, I'm coming for you!

3. Vacation

Not about to give this one any more detail. I would love for Andrew and I to get a big trip in this year.

4. Yin Yoga

I have been piddling with doing 30 minutes of yin yoga in the evening for about a year now. It's changed my practice in many ways. I want to do more of it.

5. Paint upstairs bedrooms

You've seen that paisley up there. Ouch. It's gotta go.

In addition to this list of resolutions, I'm pinning intentions and visions for the year ahead. I've invited many of my favorites around the internet to join me.

Check out our 2015 Vision Board:



Poses we've got 7 left...


Ok. I'm going to be honest. I have really dislike this yearly, "pose of the week" challenge I gave myself. Why did I keep it up then? Because I'm super stubborn when it comes to goals that I give myself.

I just haven't enjoyed writing them at all. In fact, I'm not sure I like writing about yoga. For me, teaching and doing yoga is not something that is easily translated into words...especially ones you have to type out and properly punctuate.

So, we've got seven left. Do I follow through? Kind of. This is my last pose post of the year, we're getting all seven done today!


Wow. Maria Villella makes it looks effortless yeah?! I really love this YouTube channel-- 1 Percent Theory. Great high quality video.

While I did post about Surya Namaskara in general, I realize that I have yet to touch on the basic postures individually that make up Surya Namaskara A + B: UtkatasanaUrdhva Hastasana, Ardha UttanasanaUttanasana, High Plank, Urdhva Mukha SvanasanaVirabhadrasana I

Click each pose name for a detailed description.


Don't worry, there's a method to my madness as well. I'll be posting on it again, but on January 1st, I'll be teaching at a fun event hosted by 502 Power Yoga at the Kentucky Science Center. Various instructors from around the area will be leading the community in 108 Sun Salutations to kick off 2015, proceeds benefiting the Africa Yoga Project. 

So, we better know our Surya Namaskara right!?