Happy Thanksgiving!

10261305_1532908340288359_1728712633_nHappy Thanksgiving all!

Let me just say thank you to everyone reading this little blog. It's been a jam packed couple of months with all these challenges! I'm ready to go with the flow in December!

Our Thanksgiving is actually going until Sunday--Andrew's family on Saturday, my family on Sunday, and today is just the two of us at Proof on Main! So excited. I'll be making this cranberry sauce recipe yet again. It's just delicious.

Have a good one!


bucket list

Processed with VSCOcam with m5 preset Well, I'm 30 today.

Wah wah...

I thought I'd take a minute to review my list of "things to do before I die" aka my Bucket List...even though I'm not a fan of that term.

I've kept a list in a notebook for awhile and I was pleased to find that when I got it out today, I've completed several. I thought I'd share (some) of my bucket list with the items accomplished crossed off. I feel very grateful for experiences I've had thus far...ready for more!

Travel to South America

Live in the mountains

Live at the ocean/beach

Finish a yoga 200hr teacher training

Finish a yoga 500hr teacher training (I've halfway there on this one!)

Be bilingual


Pay off student debt by age thirty

Live in New York City

Meet Terry Gross

Have a fireplace

Have a fancy bathtub

Go to graduate school

Live in a foreign county (Completed this x 3: Spain, Norway, Scotland

Own a house

Go to Mysore, India to practice ashtanga yoga...I might cross this off after April 2015--Saraswathi Jois is coming to Louisville and I've enrolled! INSANELY LUCKY to have her so close!

Have an English bulldog

Run a half-marathon

The list obviously goes on and on...but that's all I've got right now.

About to head out to The Exchange for birthday dinner. Already excited for their cocktails and creme brulee!

winter essentials

  Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

Winter. Apparently this one is going to be a doozy. I think "they" might be right...I'm on my first snow day today! We got a few inches last night and I'll be honest, I'm loving it.

I definitely have a list of things for every season. These are things that are just mandatory for winter.

red wine


I've been addicted to Apothic Red lately. My parents got me started on it. Hey, available at the Jay C in Corydon and is decent?! That's a yes. I am definitely more of a white wine person, but in the winter, even I'm drawn towards the reds.


2013-09-20 15.30.04

a super long coat

2014-11-17 10.41.41

The longer, the better. A few years ago I got one similar to this one which got snagged and feathers started leaking out....not a good look. I also was a little cold. So this year I upgraded to this one, which is CRAZY warm and durable and cute! However, it is LONG. I don't know if it's because I'm shorter than their ideal shopper or what, but this is thing is long, long, long.

hot chocolate and cookies




2014-11-01 15.11.57

yoga...it's pretty much an essential for every season....but if you need to get warm, just do some ashtanga....you'll heat up quick

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Since today's my first snow day off of work, I thought I would just give you everything I've done today. Full on winter mode over here on November 17th! Crazy!





how I brighten my days and if I could have any other job

10784913_322119364646433_1498224940_nI'm not going to sugar coat anything. I've fallen behind on blogging.

There is more dog hair on my floors right now than I thought possible. I just threw a pile of groceries on the counter and they need to go in the fridge. The sink and counter is full of dirty dishes. The dishwasher is empty thank god. I have to be at the studio in less than an hour. And I still have to write yesterday's and today's post.

Like I said at the beginning of this challenge. Participation in any form is fine. So I'm going to keep it super simple.This week I've had to rely on yoga, gummy bears, red wine, and my fleece onesie to brighten my days.

10808956_1499058647037104_1568033168_n As far as if I could have any other job? That's a tough one because I'm absurdly satisfied with the two I have. However, I'd have to agree with Laura and go travel writer...particularly for some fancy blog, website, or magazine that specializes in renting yurts like these in Big Sur.

favorite instagram accounts


I love Instagram. Because I've already mentioned my favorite yoga accounts, I'm going to keep them off this list.

@manonwethly 10644026_697565860324079_297465787_n

Food and drink being tossed up in the air. What's not to love?!

@emilymcdowell_ 10693440_325287604319359_409977701_n

I love Emily McDowell's stationary and other products. Below is my favorite that I keep meaning to buy...teehee


@jenisicecreams10731592_195609530631141_1999003506_n Ok, so Louisville has a full size lululemon now. We have Anthropologie, Madewell, Lush, and Lucky's Market. We've even got a Mellow Mushroom. I don't care about any of that until we get a Jeni's Splendid Ice Creams. Their Instagram is beautiful, mouth-watering, and fascinating. Their website is also super pretty.


@iamlauramiller10748353_893092700708368_1932848964_n Laura Miller has a crazy voice, which you can hear on her videos, Raw, Vegan, Not Gross. But she also does daily portraits with produce.

@deanthebasset 10755857_1007950189231091_2095996751_n The cutest feed you'll ever see. The daily adventures of a basset hound that was born several months ago.


The prettiest cookies you'll ever see.

@caroline_joy10661199_700952873329999_722003937_n Not a huge fan of fashion blog Instagram feeds that make everything look picture perfect all the time, but this one does it so well it gets my respect. Even better, she shows some of the behind the scenes stuff about how they get such perfect photos.


So there you have it. Of course there are many more, but that's a good variety for now. Can't believe how quick this November challenge is going! We're almost halfway done!


if I could live anywhere

2013-12-19 21.20.38If I'm being honest, I do not have any interest at all to move from where I am right now....my hometown in Indiana. I've lived several places and I'm fairly certain this is where I want to be. However, I love hearing others' answers to this question so I'll answer too.

I've disqualified any place I've lived previously...otherwise this post would be too easy: Asheville, North Carolina.

So I'd have to go with London. We were there in 2010 for a mini vacay and I loved loved loved loved loved it. So beautiful, a true world city. If money was no object, I'd buy a flat in Notting Hill or Bloomsbury and just live it up.

Another bonus is that you're pretty much a plane ride away from anywhere in the world.


1 photo

10616813_722401617839782_387539500_n Oops. Forgot to post yesterday.

Well, I can't really say I forgot...I just didn't. I had a wonderful weekend and yesterday was on a total roll "spring cleaning" the studio. Got out ladders, changed light bulbs, cleaned out drawers, etc. While cleaning, I found an official Olympic torch from the 2002 games in Salt Lake City...rolled up in a towel...

It has been there on the back counter for a few weeks and I figured it was something of Dad's...which it is, he's a making a case for it for a client. However, it was pretty funny to finally look in there and find it!

I'll be back later with today's theme--if I could live anywhere!

Poses: 44/52: Marichyasana B

2014-10-19_1413739812 Don't mind the bed head.

I love Marichyasana B. C and D? That's another story.

These poses are rarely seen in classes unless you're an Ashtangi. I'd never seen them before my first primary series class.

Have a look at A here. It's a little bit more accessible than B.

The difference here is that you need one leg in lotus....or tucked under you if lotus is not okay for your knees. Some days are better than others for me.

This pose literally is wringing your body out like a dirty rag. I don't consider it complete unless sweat is dripping off my forehead! HA!


tgif: my celebratory rituals

2014-11-02 15.38.10  

I hate that I get so excited by Friday. I know I have to work, I love my jobs...but it still feels great every single week. I know that Monday is coming and I don't dread it a bit, but it still feels great every single week.

Oddly enough, I go grocery shopping in Louisville to celebrate Fridays. Some people might think this is a crazy way to end the week, but I love it. If you've been reading this blog, you know I love to grocery shop. On Fridays I usually go to Trader Joe's and Whole Foods and load up on goodies for the weekend. If I have time, I also swing over to Lotsa Pasta. I love to get the itty bitty tapas size wedges of cheese, maybe some olives, and great crackers to be devoured when Andrew gets home.

Other rituals include listening to NPR's Pop Culture Happy Hour, taking a full day off of yoga, and eating out. And wine...of course.

favorite twitter accounts

I love Twitter.  Of course I love to follow IRL friends and family. Also, lots of internet friends that I've never met, but interact with on a daily basis and love to death.

These are some of my other favorites.

Screenshot 2014-11-06 05.15.11


Yes, I love the Josh Groban. And it's almost time for his Christmas album! His version of Little Drummer Boy is more than epic. His Twitter feed is hilarious. He's so so so funny. Even if you're not a fan of his music, I highly recommend following this guy.

Screenshot 2014-11-06 05.18.49


Duh. If you don't know who Aziz Ansari is--go type him into YouTube right now or go straight to Netflix and watch Parks & Recreation. Andrew and I didn't realize that season 6 was on there until the other night--woohoo!

Screenshot 2014-11-06 05.23.25

It's so weird how I found out about Katie Levans and her blog, Honeystuck (then called Sweet Tater blog). She was on a random season of The Bachelor that I watched a few years ago. I thought her hair was amazing, loved that she was a yoga instructor, and then also realized she was way too smart and funny to be on that show. Well, a few episodes in, she thought the same thing and left! It was pretty amazing. I love her sense of humor. It's great.

Screenshot 2014-11-06 05.27.30

This is an example of social media at its best. Some genius person decided to start tweeting real, day to day bits on WWII back in 2011 and it's been going ever since. Love reading this feed.

Screenshot 2014-11-06 05.29.59

Because how else would we know what the cast of Boy Meets World looks like now?!

I meant to give more than just these, but it's 3:54pm and this post needs to get out! I can't be slacking on my own challenge! This has been an unbelievably busy week. Starting to slow down now though.

Thanks all for joining in! See you tomorrow