life is better with...BBC's Human Planet

[embed][/embed] We started watching this the other night. Oh. MY GOODNESS.

We loved Planet Earth from several years ago and although this one isn't narrated by David Attenborough, it is still INCREDIBLE. Human Planet was originally broadcast in 2011. I'm not sure why it's taken us this long to watch it. We started with the episode on Jungles and my mind was blown in just the first few minutes. I can't wait to get through the rest of the episodes---seven whole hours of awesome awaits. It might sound silly, but these mini-series really affect me in some strange way I can't quite explain. It's because they are so insanely well made...I'm in awe of it all.


It's been a busy few days. Loads of family things for the 4th.  To add to that, this coming week and weekend looks crazy already! Closing on the house, studio birthday party on Friday, bookclub on Saturday, and you know, we could be moving that weekend too. Doubtful, but possible! EEK!