Camera Workout: Week 12

Photo Mar 25, 7 13 46 AMIt's that time again---basketball crazypants all over Kentuckiana. Getting my spring break to-do list done! Photo Mar 25, 7 14 52 AM

The newest member of our family

Photo Mar 25, 7 16 05 AM Book fair swag from work.

Photo Mar 25, 7 13 14 AM

I want this sweater in my size. Photo Mar 23, 9 56 18 PM Easter egg hunting is a little anticlimactic... Photo Mar 23, 10 01 02 PM And this is basically the best picture I've ever taken. That Easter bunny was beyond creepy. I don't blame these little gals for being completely terrified. Photo Mar 23, 10 04 12 PM

Still enjoying this rice -- thanks Lis!


I will need to repeat this to myself a lot in the near future.

I put it in my two weeks at work last Thursday. There are many reasons why, but mostly, I simply wasn't passionate about the work I was doing. It's time to relax, focus, and find something that is fulfilling.

Yoga anyone?

Hope you have had a great Easter weekend...I have! Will post highlights tomorrow.