Bristo Yoga School in Edinburgh

I was so excited to get an email newsletter from my dear Bristo Yoga School in Edinburgh with this video:


It was at Bristo back in 2009 with Karen Breneman that I developed a true love for yoga and started a dedicated practice. I hoovered and swept their floor twice a week in exchange for classes--love love love them!

The studio is beautiful now with what looks like a new floor and tons of new features. I wish I could snap my fingers and be there for morning mysore tomorrow am.

Miss you guys!

Edinburgh Cycle Chic

I just found the blog Edinburgh Cycle Chic of the original Cycle Chic blog series, which claims to be the "Original Bringin' Sexy Back since 2006."

I'm especially fond of this since I used to live in Edinburgh, Scotland not long ago. I also am partial to photos of stylish ladies riding bicycles...too bad I was always too chicken to ride in the city.

I will live vicariously through these ladies: