life is better with...Mud

After much nagging from Andrew, I watched Jeff Nichols' "Mud" recently. Pretty great. Matthew McConaughney was fantastic and I was pretty much blown away by the performance of Tye Sheridan. Beautifully shot too. Enjoyed this...worth a rental for sure and has made me want to go back and watch Jeff Nichols' Take Shelter.


Favorite Watches of 2012

 Like this poster? Breaking Bad? Anyone? Typically, I have a somewhat irrational hatred for these "Keep Calm and..." posters, but this one made me smile.

My favorite television and movies of 2012. Of course please keep in mind that I have not seen Les Miserables yet (going with whole fam on Christmas Day! So excited!)

Life of Pi

Nashville (ABC)


Breaking Bad (AMC)

Girls (HBO) I seriously have a love-hate relationship with this show. Regardless of things I don't like about it, it is very well executed and does great things with music.

Mad Men (AMC)

Can you tell that I still think television is far better than movies these days?

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Life is better

I would never ever have found brainpickings if it were not for the overwhelming enthusiasm from @leahslag -- THANKS for the tip on this one Mom!

I cannot write enough great things about this website. If you love books, music, film, art, television, etc, but especially books, GO NOW.

Some of the greatest features include a literary jukebox, lots & lots of fun lists of books, an amazingly interactive bookshelf, and more inspiration than one's brain can handle. I always leave to go pick up a book and get cracking!

Go now--your life will be a little better. I promise.

guilty pleasures: summer 2012

summer is almost over (thank god). Despite the horrendous heat, I had a pretty great one. started up the studio, got a new job (that didn't start until over a month later...!!!), brought home an adorable new doggy, and watched the olympics like a boss.

unfortunately, I also enjoyed a few things that I am not so proud of. 1 of which can be observed in the photos above...I basically quit brushing my hair this has happened before, i just haven't had long hair in awhile. i'll own it. hey, i am the person who didn't pack a hair brush for a study abroad summer in spain...

as usual, every season brings a new batch of guilty pleasures. here are some of mine for summer 2012:

The CW's docu-series, Breaking Pointe

if you didn't watch this short lived (only 6 episodes long) reality saga, i'm sorry for you. chronicling behind the scenes drama at Ballet West in Salt Lake City, this series is chock full of dance rehearsal footage--one of my fave things!

Magic Mike


any explanation needed? didn't think so... However, I think it was more hoopla than anything that made this such fun.

Trader Joe's Triple Ginger Snaps + a jar of Nutella + a knife

....ohhhh boy.

The Bachelorette

....TEAM JEF WITH 1 F! i called him from episode one...god, this show(s) is terrible...why can't I stop watching it?!?! really does make me wonder about myself.

glad to have this all behind me...bring on fall!

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Happy Friday! Listening & folding, breaking lots of bad, and those Dark Knights are rising!

Uhhhhhh so this is what it looked like outside last night. !!!

I have not edited or added any filter to these photos--it was like a horror movie out there!

Ready for the weekend! Excited to have Tate popping in for a quick visit today. Dark Knight Rises tonight, teaching tomorrow morning, finish  Breaking Bad (we will be able to watch new episode Sunday!) it okay to admit that I'm also kinda amped for the Bachelorette finale on Sunday evening? Anyone else? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?

Folding laundry this weekend? Check these out!

"Innovation Stagnation: BRAVO's Andy Cohen" Q with Jian Gomeshi - July 16, 2012 An interview with the mastermind behind the Real Housewives? Yes.

"Aaron Sorkin: The Writer Behind the Newsroom" Fresh Air - July 16, 2012

"Jeff Faux: The Servant Economy" The Diane Rehm Show - July 17, 2012 Probably the most pessimistic viewpoint on the future of the American economy I've heard in a looooong time. Sadly, this guy makes a lot of sense...

"Dodged a Fairy Bullet" Joy the Baker podcast - July 19. 2012

Only four this week...NPR was a bit snoozerville this week.

Happy Friday Y'all & a Happy Birthday to Tate! June 29, 2012

Happy Friday everyone. I had another great week. Graduated from yoga teacher training on Wednesday! It was definitely bittersweet. I'll miss these ladies so very much. I can't believe it! It flew by, but also seems like forever ago that I was writing this post.

Going to try and stay out of the heat today. Making a salad for July 4th party tomorrow, yoga, spin a little, and THEN I'm going to see THIS:


SO EXCITED! I wish my girl Tate was here to see it with me. Today is her birthday! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TATE! Hopefully see you soon in a couple weeks!

Us back in our younger years:

Ahhh....I loved that back deck:

Other stuff on the agenda? Hopefully finishing up season 2 of this and listening to this song on repeat. 

Christmas 2012...already looking a little movie crazy




This Christmas is going to be a movie-watching bonanza extravaganza.

Pretty excited about all of these, even if I have a hate-hate relationship with Baz Luhrmann movies).

Most excited for Les Miserables though--first trailer released today!

source  Ann Street Studio: you. are. awesome


[vimeo 30106710 w=500 h=281] I hope everyone had a great weekend. I had an excellent one.

It's Derby week here -- haven't been around for it in quite awhile, we'll see what fun it brings.