life is better with...npr all songs considered's mid-year show

Print I love this show every year...NPR's All Songs Considered Best Music of the Year, So Far. I always hear great music that's new to me and can't help but feel validated if they mention something I've already been listening to. Ha!

Here's a link to this year's show, published today.

After listening, I'm now listening to this song on repeat:


life is better with...sylvan esso

[youtube] After listening to NPR's PCCH on Friday, I've been listening to this song all weekend.

I recommend listening to this one while cleaning your kitchen while drinking wine and eating this toffee from Trader Joe's. Also a great yoga track.

More photos on the weekend to come soon. I'm sorry for my sporadic blog posting...I'm going to try to shape it up this week.

Here's a link to Sylvan Esso on Spotify. Can't wait for their whole album on Tuesday. However, you can listen to the whole on NPR First Listen. It's pretty great....I love several of the songs...Like this one:


And this one:


life is better when Maggie Shipstead writes about ballet


I heard Maureen Corrigan review this book on Fresh Air this week. While her voice and inflection on the radio drives me insane, I do often agree with her opinions on books. When I heard her gush about Maggie Shipstead's new book, Astonish Me, I knew I wanted to read it. Not only does Shipstead's new book come highly recommended by Corrigan, but it's set in the world of professionally ballet. That is enough for me right there. I love ballet movies, books, etc, etc. I'm fascinated by it.

After our book club meeting, I checked it out at the library (one of the biggest perks of living in a small, literary titles are somewhat easy to snag). I sat down with it last night and couldn't. stop. reading. Will hopefully finish today. It's great.

life is better with...this interview

I already loved Neil Gaiman. I love his books, his speeches, everything. Seriously, he's just perfect. I'm reading aloud his latest silly children's book, Fortunately, The Milk to fourth graders right now and they are loving it.

So naturally I was thrilled to wake up this morning, check my podcast feeds, and see that he was on On Point yesterday. Listened to this hour of radio while getting ready for work ...fantastic. What a great way to start my day!

Here's a link to the interview...I highly recommend:

more Adam Kissick GIFs

More GIFs from Adam Kissick...seriously, I love these! Also, couldn't help but post when I saw where they were all taken...Asheville of course! Asheville, you are always getting more and more hip by the day...these are from the first ever Mountain Oasis Music Festival. There are also more on the NPR website...including some from the 2013 Newport Jazz festival Please keep this up Mr. Kissick---they make me so happy!

My internet...blogs I've been reading for awhile

2013-03-24_1364143985 I've been reading blogs for quite some time. Way, way back before I started one. I have a few that I've been reading since the beginning, but I also continue to find many new ones that I'll read for awhile then forget about and then go back and find again, etc, etc.

Here are those I've been reading for awhile:

Ree Drummond: The Pioneer Woman  Duh...she's perfect in every way...those bassets, that ranch, her love of movie quizzes!

Gabrielle Blair: Design Mom The name of this blog is deceiving. Yes, she's a mother to six children and writes about that frequently, but she also has wonderful suggestions for websites, books, clothes, shopping...basically sharing beautiful stuff. I particularly enjoyed this blog while they were living in a country house in rural France (!). They've recently moved back to the states. Will be interesting to see where it goes...

NPR Monkeysee Linda Holmes and company write this pop culture blog space for NPR. Always a wonderful source of content that is well-written and well considered.

Tracy Benjamin: Shutterbean Great recipes from cookbooks, original, or derived from other bloggers. They ALWAYS turn out great.

Joy Wilson: Joy the Baker I'm challenged in the baking department so I love living vicariously through Joy. She also shares a lot of the same sensibilities that I do...refreshing to read a beautifully styled blog that is baby free...sorry...just being honest.

This is Colossal Mind blowing art shared daily. My favorite place to look at amazing stuff.

There are two blogs that I've been reading forever....BUT they come with a caveat. Do you ever feel like you've been taken hostage by something? That's how I feel about Rockstar Diaries or as it's now called and Bleubird Vintage. I've never seen more beautiful people take more beautiful photos of their beautiful homes and beautiful babies. I love their writing because I find myself reading it. However, I've noticed that lately there are a LOT of sponsored posts here and not a ton of other content. I understand that people are trying to make a living with their blog...but suggesting that I buy a $60 candle in order to have a proper "date night in" with my husband? NO. Or just casually ignoring the fact that in order to have this most beautiful life, an investment banker husband might help? I'm not annoyed with them for the life they have, I'm annoyed because of their lack of honesty and self-awareness. Look at Pioneer Woman! She has a pretty insane life, that is completely different from mine, but manages to come across as 100% down-to-earth. Sorry, I apologize, rant over....I just often find myself frustrated for the lack of reality in these blogs, but I can't really say anything because I. keep. dang. on. reading. them...I need. to. stop. So, long story short, if you want to see beautiful people taking beautifully over-saturated photos of beautiful places, products, and babies...these blogs are for you.

Happy Friday y'all!

It's Friday! I've been off all week and I have all next off as well, but Friday is still Friday!

Fresh Air with Terry Gross has been really great lately...thought I'd share some of my favorite shows of late:

How Our Stone Age Bodies Struggle to Stay Healthy in Modern Times Breaking Bad Writers: This is It, There's No More Tom Hanks is Captain Phillips in High Seas Hostage Drama From Child Actor to Artist: Radcliffe Reflects on Post-Potter Life Big Pharma and Meth Cooks Agree: Keep Cold Meds Over the Counter



My favorite music of far

This post is inspired by my anticipation of All Songs Considered's Best of, So Far show. This episode always pops up in June and I love it. These albums are my favorite of the year so far. Wanna listen to them? Here's the playlist on SpotifyOh and if you don't have Spotify yet...Get it now. I still argue that along with Wikipedia and Twitter, it's one of the most amazing things on the internet. 

[spotify id="spotify:user:graylinporter:playlist:2i1H2klMXiJo3nT6DmuJfw" width="300" height="380" /].

1. Daft Punk ///Random Access Memories 2. She &  Him///Volume 3 3. Kacey Musgraves///Same Trailer, Different Park 4. The Band Perry///Pioneer 5. James Blake///Overgrown 6.Phoenix///Entertainment 7. Steve Martin & Edie Brickell///Love Has Come for You 8. Laura Mvula///Sing to the Moon 9. Ingrid Michaelson///Human Again

life is better with...laura mvula

[youtube=] Discovered Laura Mvula after hearing a review of her album on All Things Considered yesterday afternoon while driving home from...MY JEOPARDY AUDITION! Immediately loved everything I heard from it, so added to my Spring 2013 playlist, which is getting pretty long by now:

[spotify id="spotify:user:graylinporter:playlist:3GzrNCbb4PQbHKAwccdEPG" width="300" height="380" /]

We had a great time in Nashville. Such a great time that I didn't even bother to grab my camera out of the trunk! So, no photos come next Tueday...wahhhh. We had a fabulous night out with stops at The Silly Goose, Jeni's Splendid ice cream, and this bar.

I had a blast at the audition. They try to make it tons of fun and there were lots of very nice people to laugh and chat with. Getting to use a real Jeopardy buzzer? Definitely a dream come true....hahaha. Overall I feel pretty confident about my performance on the test, but you never know. Now it's waiting game...I could be called to play any time within the next 18 months!

life is better (I guess) with these podcasts...

IMGP8139 Talk of the Nation, Fresh Air, The Diane Rehm Show, On Point, Q, Radiolab, Filmspotting, Two Gomers Run for Their Lives, Nerdist, Intelligence Squared and more.

Okay. So those are some podcasts that I truly enjoy almost every day. I learn a lot and I feel mentally stimulated.  And then there are these:

The Joy the Baker podcast

NPR Pop Culture Happy Hour

Slate Culture Gabfest

Double X Gabfest

I don't like to say that I "hate-listen" to these shows, but I'm afraid it's kind of true. Every week I find myself simultaneously annoyed and amused. They almost always incite a rant that begins with something "OMG I can't believe these people!?!?!?!" So....WHY do I keep listening? I have lots of interest in the topics,, yet I often disagree so strongly with the hosts' opinions that I find myself wanting to pull my hair out. It's like being at a dinner party with no ability to interject and voice one's opinion!

I mean, c' endorsement of banana pudding: "the ultimate summer dessert concoction of bananas, pudding, Nilla wafers, and whipped cream" or an in-depth analysis of Nicki Minaj's judging technique on America Idol?!

However, it might not be so bad to listen to the viewpoints that differ from your own...I suppose it's good for me...

Do you "hate-listen" to podcasts/talk radio?!? Am I the only one?!

Movies I'll Watch a Million Times

I'm in love with this series of audio clips from NPR featuring filmmakers, actors, actresses, writers, etc talking about those movies they will watch again and again.

Of course, I'll never pass up the opportunity to offer my two cents. This list is the official "You've Got Mail" memorial list:

When Harry Met Sally...                                 Anne of Green Gables    Speed                                                                     Only You   

And NO, of course I could never pick just one. I could barely narrow it down to these!

Happy Friday Y'all!

Happy Friday! Thank god, again. It's been a rough week filled with no voice and yet another flare up of the sinus infection that will never die. Booooooo

NPR has got its groove back...except for all the Petraeus related coverage, but hey, I'll take what I can get!

"Deb Perelman: 'The Smitten Kitchen' The Diane Rehm Show - Monday, November 12, 2012 I've been reading Smitten Kitchen FOREVER. Love it--probably my favorite food blog. Hands down.

"Kushner's 'Lincoln' Is Strange, but also Savvy" Fresh Air -- Thursday, November 15, 2012 How am I just now finding out that Tony Kushner wrote the screenplay for Lincoln?! Crazy! Yeah, and I'm still not going.

"A Young Reporter Chronicles her Descent into Madness" Fresh Air -- Wednesday, November 14, 2012 OMG OMG Literally one of the craziest interviews I've ever heard. SO fascinating.

DoubleX Gabfest: the PetWell Edition Slate -- Thursday, November 15, 2012

"Heavy Rotation: 5 Songs Public Radio Can't Stop Playing" NPR Music - November 16, 2012

So ready for the weekend--hope you have a good one!





thank goodness for those Gomers...

OMG. MAKE IT STOP. NPR---you are boring me silly. I cannot take anymore punditry, debating, and senseless political chatter. And of course there was all the Hurricane Sandy coverage, which I listened to interested, but wouldn't recommend for listening...

Thank god for the Gomers, who start a  new podcast season every Fall!

"Stretching in the Dairy Aisle" Two Gomers Run for Their Lives - October 26, 2012

"Slate Spoiler Specials: "Cloud Atlas" October 26, 2012

"Slate Culture Gabfest: Frankenfest Edition" November 1, 2012

"Perfectionism" On Point with Tom Ashbrook - November 1, 2012

"Good Run, Bad Run, Scary Run" Two Gomers Run for their Lives - November 2, 2012


Listen to This!

"Top 10 Films of All Time" Filmspotting One of my most standby podcasts...finally lay out their all-time top 10...very thorough as usual.

"First Listen: Gaby Moreno, 'Postales'"  NPR All Songs Considered  - August 19, 2012

"Bill Hader on Sketch Comedy, his love of Old Films" Fresh Air - August 23, 2012

"Unexpected Meetings" On Point with Tom Ashbrook - August 21, 2012

"Sidekicks, Holograms, and PCHH 101" NPR Pop Culture Happy Hour - August 24, 2012 Worth listening to just for the discovery of this cover of "I Wanna Dance with Somebody"

a very special...Listen to This!

I am so excited for today's edition of "Listen to This!"

The Louisville area now has its own local podcast! Woohoo! Twitter pals and bloggers Melissa and Linda are podcasting about life in Louisville at Louisville, Not Kentucky. It's so fun to listen when I am familiar with the voices (or one voice, haven't actually met Linda IRL...ha!) and the locales. I love podcasts and have often dreamed of doing one--it takes guts to put yourself out there and they are doing awesome! 

Topics discussed on the first episode? Jungle Jim's, bourbon, drag shows, Breaking Bad, and Romancing the Stone!! This was MADE for me! Ha!

Oh, and how adorable is their logo?!?! Designed by Kyle Ware.

"'Breaking Bad' And a Little Sad" Pop Culture Happy Hour - July 20, 2012

"The Ripple Effect from rising food prices" Talk of the Nation - July 25, 2012

"Christopher Beha, On Faith and Its Discontents" Fresh Air - July 26, 2102

"It Was All A Dream (Or: Turns out spoilers are good for you)" All Things Considered - July 26, 2012

"The xx perform live" Q with Jian Gomeshi - July 27, 2012

Happy listening!

Listen to This!


"Summer Cooking Tips from America's Test Kitchen" Fresh Air - July 3, 2012

"New Research on Carbs" On Point with Tom Ashbrook - July 5, 2012

"The Lure of the Open Road" NPR's Pop Culture Happy Hour - July 6, 2012 Props to both Far and Away and Forces of Nature--two of my most favorite Turkey Trash movies ever!

And.....that's all I have for podcast recs. Between the midweek holiday and me finally upgrading to Spotify premium, there weren't a lot of podcasts playing 'round here.

Listen to This!

I started "running" and spinning again this week. I'll be honest, podcasts are not necessarily the best thing to listen to while sweating buckets on a spin bike, but I gotta multi-task people! It's time to break out that little shuffle!

"Summer Music Preview: Premieres from Cat Power, Avett Brothers, The Antlers, and More" NPR All Songs Considered -- June 26, 2012

"Alec Baldwin: A 'Rock' throughout the Ages" Fresh Air - June 25, 2012

"Ephron: From 'Silkwood' to 'Sally,' a Singular Voice" Morning Edition - June 27, 2012

"Political Implications of Today's Generation Gap" The Diane Rehm Show -- June 27, 2012 I love discussions and examinations of generations. This is a great--listened in the car and there was lots of looking at the radio and saying "YES!"

"Marcus Samuelsson: On Becoming a Top Chef" Fresh Air - June 28, 2012 Love this guy, but also just love anytime one of the superstar chefs is interviewed. When is Top Chef coming back!?!?

Listen to This!

This week I enjoyed...

"Is the Coconut Water Craze All It's Cracked up to Be? Morning Edition - June 18, 2012 Have been waiting for tired of this stuff!

"Inside Mexico's Drug Trade" On Point with Tom Ashbrook --June 19, 2012 Bonkers.

"The Bumper Sticker Debate" Two Gomers Run for Their Lives -- June 19, 2012 The Gomers are back--one of my favorite non-NPR podcasts for sure.

"Jeff Daniels: Ancoring the Cast of the 'Newsroom'" Fresh Air -- June 20, 2012 I always like Terry Gross' interviews with Jeff Daniels!

The Culture Gabfest: "Curb Appeal" Edition Slate Magazine -- June 20, 2012 Discussion including two of my favorite topics: songs of summer and HGTV's House Hunters!



Listen to this!

my five favorites of the week! It was a stellar week for life in general and audio listening....really hard to pick only five.

"'Call Me Maybe': Behind the Song of the Summer" All Things Considered --  June 9, 2012 Hilarious examination of the "weapons grade earworm" that is "Call Me Maybe" by Carly Rae Jepsen.

Also, a short interview where they mention this:


"Joan Rivers hates You, Herself, and Everything Else" Fresh Air with Terry Gross -- June 11, 2012

"Favorite Music of 2012 (So Far)" All Songs Considered -- June 12, 2012 Every year I look forward to both this show and the year end's discussion. I love the dynamic between the hosts and always discover a bunch of music!

My favorite discovery:


Also...some more heated debate over Carly Rae Jepsen.

"Great Summer Reads" On Point with Tom Ashbrook -- June 13, 2012

"Camp Awkward" Joy the Baker podcast with Joy the Baker and Tracy Shutterbean -- June 14, 2012 OMG -- a verbal mention of this blog that you are like totally reading RIGHT NOW on one of my FAVORITE podcasts! hashtag omgdying.

I've been listening to lots of new music. At the beginning of every season, I make a new playlist on Spotify and just dump everything I like into it. Here's what I'm listening to for Summer 2012.