Happy Thanksgiving!

10261305_1532908340288359_1728712633_nHappy Thanksgiving all!

Let me just say thank you to everyone reading this little blog. It's been a jam packed couple of months with all these challenges! I'm ready to go with the flow in December!

Our Thanksgiving is actually going until Sunday--Andrew's family on Saturday, my family on Sunday, and today is just the two of us at Proof on Main! So excited. I'll be making this cranberry sauce recipe yet again. It's just delicious.

Have a good one!


favorite thanksgiving dish


The traditional Thanksgiving is one of my favorite meals ever. It's insanely hard for me to pick just one dish as a favorite because, in my opinion, it's the combination of everything together that makes it so wonderful.

However, dressing is by far at the top of my list. Bread, salt, and fat? Yes...

I about died the other day when I watched The Pioneer Woman make this panini with Thanksgiving leftovers...my dream come true


2013-11-28 11.18.41 Well I'm so exhausted I can barely type this...we had a wonderful Thanksgiving with my family today. My parents hosted across the street...couldn't get any better. Food was phenomenal, tables were beautiful with my great grandmother's china on one, my grandmother's on the other.

Andrew's passed out with the dogs on the couch, I'm staring blankly watching Harry Potter movies (with commercials!?!) on ABC Family...I think this is a sign that I need to go to bed. Family still in town for a couple days and we have another Tgives to attend on Saturday! All I know is that I'm headed downstairs to do some seriously needed yin yoga and then it's sleepy time.

Feeling grateful for pretty everything right now...life is really good, I can't complain. Many thanks to you for reading.

Officially the Christmas Season

Feeling very contented today. Not only did we finally get internet in the new house, but digital cable and DVR too! I know this might sound silly to most, but for us this is BIG. We haven't had channels on our TV in three years...we are still in shock.

Now that it is officially the Christmas season, I can start playing carols and decorating! This morning I am cooking for Andrew's family Thanksgiving, which is later this afternoon.

Bourbon cranberry sauce, baked spinach & Gruyere, and maple whipped sweet potatoes.

No Dish Thanksgiving--Megabites Louisville

This will be my first Thanksgiving with family in years...I'm so excited! That week is also my birthday and three year wedding anniversary, so it is bound to be a happy time.

For the past three years, Andrew and I have celebrated all three of these occasions by going out to a swanky dinner. We have enjoyed delicious Thanksgiving/Birthday/Anniversary meals at TangoRedwood, and Shoreline Grill.

This year we'll be with family for Thanksgiving, but we still want to go out for for birthday/anniversary. We have our eyes on 610 Magnolia -- chef Edward Lee is a contestant on the new season of Top Chef!

Megan Malone of Megabites Louisville has a great post on eating out for Thanksgiving--she inspired to write this! I'm a big fan of food/restaurant blogs and this is one of my local favorites. Going out for Thanksgiving dinner is fabulous!

Any suggestions on where to eat a special meal in Louisville?